Feature Request - "SFW" mode

Hi! Recently I’ve been having an embarrassing problem. I often do reviews in public places, including during downtime at my office. But some of the words that have entered my queue recently are, well… a little embarrassing!

For example, while showing someone how Wanikani works, the kanji 乱交 popped up. No way around it, not a work safe word! It was fine that time, but what if it had been a coworker, or my boss?

Usually I end up just pushing through it as fast as possible, hoping no one sees, but it’d be nice if there was a “Work-safe Mode” that would limit any potentially NSFW vocab while toggled. That way, the words still get studied, but when practicing in a public place you can relax.

(on a positive note, because I’m so desperate to burn it I will never forget the meaning/reading of 乱交 lol)


It’s not really a solution, but have you considered using synonyms to allow for euphemisms in place of potentially inappropriate language?

  • crowd relations
  • people getting up in da guts
  • collective gutsticking
  • group loving
  • struggle snuggling

I would love to go on for humor’s sake, but really, there are better and funnier lists out there. I think I might start using “shaboinking” myself, but “spelunking the slime cave” sounds like something straight out of a japanese fantasy novel… hehehe… I am so mature

Edit: The last bullet was totally necessary


LOL. I had to look that one up… wow. I doubt that the core WK team would add this feature but it would be a really good idea for a userscript. :slight_smile: I like @ccookf’s solution as well :smiley:

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Jisho says it also means “Promiscuity,” so you could probably use that as a legit synonym.

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I had 乱交 show up at work once. I just typed in “orgt” since I knew WaniKani would accept that answer. Even if nobody is looking, everything you type is probably still tracked by your company, so better safe than sorry. :wink:


Ahaha, those are some great suggestions! I think “struggle snuggling” is definitely my new go-to… :slight_smile:

Sadly, though, the issue for me isn’t that the English is inappropriate, but the Japanese word itself (I live in Japan/have a Japanese work environment). Honestly I could type all the indecent words in English that I want, and probably no one would ever notice, but I can’t do anything about the kanji!


I figure that if they know you’re trying to become fluent in a language, your boss/coworker would understand that it’s necessary to learn terms such as that.

@ccookf your list gives me life


This isn’t exactly related, but I wonder if a script like this one would help you:

Basically, it takes away most of the colours and everything from your reviews, and you can make the browser window a very small box… Making your reviews less conspicuous. Hopefully they’re less likely to see those kanji, then. (No longer will 乱交 be the center of attention.) Hope that helps! ^^

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I do strongly believe that to be taken seriously be educators it needs to be SFW. That way there may be more interest in the product from the schools segment. I know that my friends who teach the language will never suggest this to students.
I do like the vocab that’s in here, but there should be an option to lock that stuff for teachers to be able to recommend the product. There’s a lot of room for business growth (which is something I focus on for a living)…

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On the other hand, I’m disappointed this site doesn’t have 中出し、媚薬、売春者、愛液、角オナニー on it. (This is something I focus on for a living)

Wait, #$*%! I probably shouldn’t admit that.

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