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A simple request really. I live in Japan and work at a school, and often do my reviews at my desk when I’m not teaching or lesson planning. Many of my fellow teachers and even students often come over and are interested in the kinds of kanji I’m learning and why. However, there are some words in the vocab section which are either a little rude, or potential insenstive (I’m thinking the ones linked to suicide specifically, but there are some sex related terms and such too).These are fine to have in WK, and I think they’re important, but it would be nice to have a SFW version to turn on so these vocabs dont come up on the train, bus or in school. I’ve had a few embarrassing situations already, and I really don’t want to offend someone by bringing up 飛び込み自殺 or something similar unexpectedly.

Maybe there’s already a script for that? I guess it doesn’t matter a lot seeing as I’ll hit level 60 this Friday. Good luck with your reviews everyone!


This seems like something that could be solved with a script that holds off reviews of certain blacklisted items, although maybe it’s not that simple.

To my knowledge such a script doesn’t exist and people have asked about this before, but it’d be nice to see something of the sort.


Maybe @Kumirei has some capacity for such a script?? :pray::bowing_woman:


Someone would have to go through all 5,000 vocab words and tag them or add them to a data list of some kind. I think last time this was brought up Kumirei said as much.


(I realize you’re not Kumirei but since you brought it up)

Just throwing in my 2 cents on the logistics. If the item data in the review session contains the name (either in Japanese or English) just have a filter which checks the current review pile against a list of blacklisted items. To me it doesn’t seem that different from what the reorder script does, by getting item data of the review queue items, but then I’ve never programmed any scripts so I’m not terribly sure how feasible my idea is.


There should be blacklist word lists online already that we can use?

I’m sure the API would allow us to pull all the text and just run a check over it? Even if we just check English terms (unless someone knows how to find a japanese blacklist).

Edit: I found a Christian blacklist of terms in excel, includes the word sex even. The curated lists do exist.

I recon it could be pretty fun to make the next nlp project profanity classification. Thanks for the idea @anon21145996 ! :slight_smile:


Oh hey, it’s another 金玉 thread.


It’s not like I’m against adding extra options for WK, but honestly, your students and fellow teachers are probably fully aware of what you’re doing. If you want to become fluent you’ll have to learn all kinds of words and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of here.


Making a script that allows you to hide items is probably really easy, but it’s not something that I am interested in doing 251446983644938240


I hadn’t thought about it this way. That solves the issue of deciding what gets censored and what doesn’t.

Then it could just be a button that turns on Safe for Work mode or an overlay that says the review item is not safe for work and asks if you’d like to review it now or move it to the back of your queue or something.

Use headphones.

Problem solved.


Think they’re looking over OP’s shoulder at the screen.

Solution to that is to remove the polarising filter from the front of the monitor, and wear polarised sunglasses instead.


tumblr_la37sqzNM81qanj38o1_640 Or to use a privacy sweater…


Solution to that is they should mind their own fecking business


I have a different experience: My in-house native will happen to notice vocab on WK that isn’t common/useful at all so I hear the comment of “is this really what you are spending your time on? :roll_eyes:

But it’s for kanji learning :persevere:… praise be the :crabigator:.

At least 飛び込み自殺 is useful and necessary word to know and unfortunately a daily occurrence; hardly a controversial word for a study app. And we all have PPs and weewees; sex stuff is part of life and a normal adult topic. I can’t recall anything all that crazy edgy here anyways (I imagine 金玉, which is not offensive, has been burned long ago). Western culture is probably more uptight about this stuff than Japan so likely more of a curiosity of WK content than actual offensiveness.


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