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I’m pretty new to WaniKani. Is there a way to intentionally enter a blank answer just so I can hurry up and see what the answer is. I do this often if I just know I can’t remember the correct answer but when I don’t type anything and hit enter, the box just shakes. So I have to just enter one character and then hit enter to get it wrong. I know this seems like nitpicking but it would be much smoother if there was a way to do that. Any ideas? Thanks!

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There’s no “pass” button or anything, if that’s what you mean. You could just put ん or “n” if you wanted.

Edit: ah, you said you do that already. Maybe there’s a user script or something.

I don’t think there is. If I really don’t know, I sit there for a while and think about it until its been a long time cuz thinking about it and finally getting it is what will help you. Otherwise tho, if it’s taking too long, I just type something random. Try not to get into the habit of doing that though.

Eh, there’s nothing too harmful about doing that. The nature of SRS means if you intentionally get it wrong if you don’t immediately get it, the SRS will just chuck it at you more and more frequently until at some point you know the meaning or reading at the drop of a hat. You’ll take longer, sure, but you’ll get to the same point as when you’re racking your brain over it.

OK, no worries! I can just type あ and that’s still fairly quick. Thanks.

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I type あ a lot I do like however that Flaming Durtles actually implemented a “Don’t know” button which I think cognitively is a better solution than purposefully entering a wrong answer, and much, much better solution than guessing, which for me just reinforces wrong answers.

TL;DR, WK should implement a native “Don’t Know” button with a keyboard shortcut.

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I believe there is a user script that puts in a really long string of characters if you don’t know the answer. Don’t remember the name of it though. Either way it’s probably faster to type in a couple random letters anyways. Personally I just put ですor desu.

お is my go to.
Ever read Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink”? It involves listening to the first instinct that crosses your mind. I have used it when struggling to remember in reviews. Not always right, but I wish I had a nickle for every time I second-guessed and changed my answer from the right one.


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