Favourite Japanese Youtubers?

Just watched a couple of vids. I didn’t understand much of his aeroplane skit but the kombini one was hilarious. Thanks for the rec!

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Wow that’s a lot. I don’t care much about bodybuilding but I guess I could watch a couple of them when I’m bored! Thanks for your recs!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: You can also search for アンジャッシュ videos. Their skits are also really funny in my opinion.


What I did a few weeks ago was create a new youtube sub-account under my existing gmail account. That way you don’t have to log in and out of the new channel, you can just switch accounts with one click.

I only subscribe to Japanese channels and only watch Japanese videos on this account. So the youtube algorithm now treats me as only knowing Japanese when on this account and only recommends Japanese content.

It also helps to find my existing subs since I have hundreds on my regular youtube. Now if I feel like watching Japanese youtube I just swtich to that account, and as I mentioned no need to log out either, just select the new account from the drop down.


If you don’t mind me asking, how exactly do you do that? I’ve been wanting to do this with my own youtube account for a while now but couldn’t really find anything that mentioned how to get it set up properly

First go to the youtube channel switching page (first make sure you are logged into your gmail account):

Then click ‘Create new channel’ and follow the steps. (Youtube calls sub-channels “brand channels” now so you will create a new “brand channel”)

After that is done, just go to youtube as usual and click on your profile pic on the far, top corner of the site, then select switch account, and select the new account.

Here’s google’s own instructions on how to do it in case I missed anything:

That Japanese Man Yuta’s street interviews are great listening practice, and lately he’s been touching on hot topics on Japanese social media. Very nice channel, I just don’t like his weeb-pandering content. But that’s the demographic he sells his Japanese lessons to, and that’s business, can’t get mad at that.

Thanks so much!
I ended up making 2 extra channels; one for general Japanese stuff and another just for learning, since I follow several youtubers who teach Japanese mostly in English and I didn’t want it messing with the algorithm

I think I’ve mentioned before, but I really liked their video series on トワイライトシンドローム
It’s an old (not particularly scary) horror game and they read the whole thing out with the three of them (おついち features) taking different character roles.

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Most of the videos on this channel are quite short but cover a range of topics such as ordering food, going shopping, public announcements and understanding keigo spoken over the phone. Her explanations use simple Japanese in order to break down and clarify more advanced concepts.


A channel featuring a competitive eater and her friends cooking up and consuming vast quantities of just about any food you can imagine. Some of the cooking segments in her videos have on-screen Japanese subtitles so you can follow along with the recipe and make them yourself at home.


A flight attendant who lives between England and Japan and vlogs about various topics in her daily life. Has some videos in English as well but most of her content is in Japanese.

Also, several others have already mentioned it above but Hanae Natsuki and his せいゆう friends are hilarious and definitely worth a watch for some lighthearted entertainment.

ooh thank you!

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I went a bit further today and changed my youtube language to Japanese.

Looks like the change affected both my accounts which is fine. I’m so familar with the UI I don’t need to even be able to read the text, and this way I’ll be able to read kanji and katakana all the time lol.

And this only changed languages for youtube itself not the entire google account.

Funny, I thought youtube would call it’s videos simply ビデオ but instead it’s 動画 :expressionless:

nice. I’ve just been subbing to the japanese youtubers. Youtube now gives me a mix of english and japanese youtubers

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Easy Japanese is a series where a lady does street interviews on easy topics which is good practice.

日本語の森 is a good channel that does jlpt level vlogs and lessons. No English.

Learn Japanese White Mocha is similar to the above mentioned. No English.

Finally Nihongo Kon Teppei is a great easy podcast for listening on YouTube and other platforms.

There’s a yuta channel but he speaks English and I feel like he’s kind of opinionated on certain topics. And obviously expat channels are not worth listening to for practice since you’ll pick up their mistakes.


Ah, sorry, I only just noticed your comment!
I’ll admit it’s a bit of a strange mix but I hope you found some interesting videos from it :blush:

I like Ask Japanese. Mainly since I’m exposed to everyday ppl just answering questions. I learn a bit too with the tidbits.

Just FYI if anyone has trouble finding this great podcast, it’s actually Nihongo con Teppei.

Good catch although I doubt any search engine wouldn’t bring up the correct result based off one letter misspelling.

Yeah but podcast software isn’t so lenient. You underestimate Apple Podcasts :stuck_out_tongue:

holy moly you are so right. It’s so hard to search up what you want using a podcast’s search engine.

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