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Welcome to Week 14 of Fatal Twelve!

We are reading Fatal Twelve as part of the Visual Novel Book Club! Fatal Twelve is a mystery VN with a death game premise and multiple endings.

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  1. (from SAVE02) 海晴に連絡をする
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Spoilers only for the part up to choice 2:

So, Miharu confessed to Rinka, which seems to have hit like a bolt from the blue. I know Rinka is a bit dense about this, but Miharu has said 愛している directly to her several times already, so I’m left feeling I still don’t really understand the nuances of these words in Japanese. At least to me the earlier dialogue read like Miharu was comfortable not particularly hiding how she felt, so it being difficult for her to “properly confess” seemed a bit odd.


Oh, and (also spoilers only for parts before choice two) we get a little more detail about the defence thing that was confusing last week. Scale could have chosen to break Miharu’s defence, but didn’t because he was pretty sure Rinka also had all his cards and would have eliminated him the following week. Not eliminating Miharu gives him a better chance of negotiating something with Rinka. That fits with last week Rinka not being certain that Miharu would come back – they’d decided that was the most likely thing Scale would do but he might have done something unexpected.

This week's spoilers

Welp, I was surprised to have my random thought from last week come true. However, I still feel something just doesn’t make sense in how things turned out in the previous selection. If I understood correctly, it seems Rinka’s parents, and the other person they were cooperating with, nominated and dropped each other out, leaving only Miharu as the winner.

No matter how I look at it, it’s impossible for a baby to win a selection and for 3 people to drop each other out. If we have people A, B and C, and we have A nominate B, and B nominate C, and C nominate A, the rules force this nominations to happen in a certain order.

If A drops B first, then C survives and drops A, but C remains.
If B drops C, then A drops B, A will still remain.

The only way for a baby to win, is for the baby to nominate whoever is left, which the baby is unable to do.

Am I missing something?

But moving on - I guess the only other thing I found surprising about the whole kidnapping incident, is how Scale seems to be so convinced about being on the side of justice, to the point it feels ridiculous. I guess I can’t say it is unrealistic seeing how many people in the real world believe the strangest of things, but I was very convinced his whole justice rhetoric was just part of his plan to appeal to other people.

I am crossing fingers we don’t get some random plot twist and we finally get rid of the HAHAs.