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Welcome to Week 1 of Fatal Twelve!

We are going to be reading Fatal Twelve as part of the Visual Novel Book Club! Fatal Twelve is a mystery VN with a death game premise and multiple endings.

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  1. あいてみょう

  2. 中を見てみよう

  3. わ、わっかた

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Just start reading, if things go how I like I’ll probably be done with this week’s part and post about it tomorrow.

Really just wanted to say that I was very amused this game gives you a Steam achievement called “multilingual” for changing the text language. Finally, recognition! My work has paid off! :face_holding_back_tears:


Interesting first week!

Spoilers for this week

The cast seems cool so far. Despite the MC having that “bad girl” look to her, I think she seems pretty sweet. Parca is probably my favorite character so far, I always love characters with that type of speech style. She has villainous vibes but I like her and am curious to learn more about her intentions here.

The difficulty seems about on par with the other VNs we’ve read in the club so far that I’ve participated in. Although one thing I noticed is that the sentences are much longer than the other stuff we’ve read. The rules section near the end of this weeks reading was kind of hard too but I’m not sure if it was a language thing or just the rules in general seem complicated. I was kind of following along as she was mentioning nominating people and revealing your own info to block it etc but it was a lot to take in. Hopefully we’ll get a refresher when it becomes more relevant.

I believe Parca mentioned once you gain info on people it’ll manifest into a card or something to that effect but Rinka is missing cards on Miharu. It seemed like Miharu was pretty into Rinka from the earlier scenes but if Rinka doesn’t have any cards on her, wonder if that means Miharu been lying about herself to Rinka :thinking:




Quite the surprise opening, that was fun. I’m probably not feeling the cast quite as much as @AzusaChan so far? They’re all very… broadly drawn? I mean it’s early, I’m just not feeling strong personalities from them just yet. Maybe I’m spoiled by how the characters work in 9-Nine-, heh. But it made parts like the theme park feel a little flat for me – that said, it seems Miharu already knew what was going on if I understand that correctly, so she is meant to be kind of distant. I thought the “we’re definitely going to do a lot more of this!” was kind of a cheesy trope but knowing one character was aware they couldn’t and it isn’t purely dramatic irony makes it better. Also a little disappointed they didn’t just show us the faces of all the 12 people. I think there was a brief line about not paying attention to them as justification, but I’m not a fan.

It’s not all bad though, some CGs were nice and I very much appreciate the coffee shop setting. I love coffee. I liked Parca too, and I’m interested in the “death game.” From here things are going to really start.

I had the same feelings about the difficulty. Longer sentences than other club picks but pretty fine until the rules which became a bit of a nightmare. I’m still not sure I followed them entirely? Like, to nominate someone, you have to have all their cards I think? Or are there like…bluff nominations? Cause she starts with the case of two people nominating each other, then one has to show a card to get priority. But if they don’t reveal one in response they would just auto lose so it feels like that would spiral into everyone revealing all 3, unless bluffs are a thing? I dunno, it was all super confusing.

Edit, actually I just remembered I think they said it gets cancelled if no one reveals anything? So I guess there’s that, or the option for both to reveal 1, or 2, and then back off? But as soon as someone reveals one, doing the same in response is not even a choice, I think? The specific little details on order and stuff combined with trying to actually read the Japanese got me so mixed up. Cause IIRC they didn’t immediately say some of that but added on later. I’m tempted to say the actual writing of the explanations were messy but maybe it’s my language skill failing me.

I hadn’t even considered that, but you’re right, really good point. I think she should have the name card unless, I dunno, Miharu is a fake name.


Yeah the whole thing felt confusing to me so I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels that way :sweat_smile: I think they said you could reveal all 3 cards about yourself but if your opponent does too then its like cancelled but then everyone in the group gets that info on you? Ⅻ eliminated Ⅵ since they had Ⅵ’s 3 cards I think they said, so even if you do block someone from eliminating you, if you share those 3 cards you are kind of screwed later on then? Hopefully it makes more sense later, they kind of glossed over that elimination it felt like.


Maybe that’s because Rinka didn’t know Miharu was one of the 12 people? I guess we’ll find out whether Rinka discovers the next morning that she now has Miharu’s “name” card. Rinka clearly doesn’t know Miharu’s cause of death or secret regret, though.

The priority stuff applies if two different people both nominate the same victim (同じ参加者に対して、二人以上が指名の意志を見せる). In that case you’re effectively bidding to be the one who gets the free card off the victim – as Miharu points out a few lines later, you can target somebody you know has the information you want and then you might take the risk of revealing your own card to get that information.

If A has all of B’s cards and B has all of A’s then instead you get the “defence” rule, where you sacrifice all the cards you hold on the opponent to prevent the attack. This destroys all of A’s cards that B holds and all of B’s cards that A holds. The attacker can reveal one of their own cards to cancel the defence, but they didn’t say that the defender can counterbid in that situation. (This does give the first attacker the advantage in a mutual-attack situation, I think. Sucks to be in position twelve?)

(I had to go back and reread to pick a lot of this up…)

I wonder what happens if a card you hold is destroyed – do you literally forget that information, or do you still know it but can’t use it because you don’t hold the card?

Spoiler response

All of that you said seems to be right, and thank you! But I think there’s ALSO the case I was talking about, right?




After that she goes on to talk about two people aiming for the same third party. Unless I’m misreading that, first she talks about when 2 people nominate each other. Which I still think basically plays out the way I was thinking? Though you talking about the defense rule did help me somewhat conceptualize that separately from this. It’s all a lot. Hopefully it’ll all be more clear in practice.


…those lines don’t seem to be in the PS4 version of the game. Are you playing the PC version? I guess this is one of the differences between them.


Oh no, we’re hitting dialogue differences week 1? That is a bit concerning. :sweat_smile:


We’ll be ok as long as the “stop at this screen” end of the week indication isn’t one of the lines of dialogue that differ (this week at least is fine)…


Oh boy, I didn’t know there would be differences haha. I hope the PS4 version cleaned it up a bit. The way we’re given it, this is almost the very first thing you are told as soon as the explanation begins, that nomination will be done in order and in this case you fight this way and you don’t even quite have a grasp on what the nomination is yet. The more I think about it the more convinced I am it’s very much not ideal.


Yeah, they definitely seem to have improved the rules explanation. In the PS4 version, the “what order do you go in” is almost the last thing they say. Maybe they got a lot of feedback that this bit was confusing in the original :slight_smile:


I definitely had to reread the rules a few times to get an understanding of how it all worked. :sweat_smile:

Definitely curious about Paruka. Is she ‘just’ a goddess tasked with overseeing this process? She seemed to get annoyed at times, though, and certainly wasn’t entirely emotionless. I hope we get an answer eventually about why this process is happening in the first place. Were these people ‘selected’? Was it a thing that happened randomly? Did they just get caught in this 'cause they happened to die at the exact same time as each other?

I’m not too invested in the individual characters yet, but I do quite like Rinka, at least. The scenes of her in the cafe and talking about making coffee are sweet and helped us get a better idea of who she is. It was cute how flattered she was when Naomi told her she really liked her coffee. :blush:

I hadn’t considered the idea that Miharu’s a fake name! :open_mouth: That would explain why Rinka doesn’t have her name card, though. MIharu and Rinka were really cute together, though. :sob: Now I’m worried Miharu was just stringing Rinka along so she could find out more information about her… although she does seem to genuinely care for Rinka, at least. She did stop her from revealing that she didn’t have a full set of cards, after all.

I’m definitely sufficiently intrigued by the story so far! Excited to see where it goes! :smiley:

Edit: Wait… isn’t Miharu in the same grade as Rinka? I think she said they were in the same class, too. In which case, I guess Miharu is her real name? This death game thing is pretty new, so it’s not like Miharu would’ve known to try to fake her school records from the start of the school year or something… :thinking:


I wondered this, too. My assumption/interpretation was that, if your cards were taken from you and destroyed, you wouldn’t forget the information, but you just obviously wouldn’t be able to present those cards anymore when you wanted to select someone. I do wonder if that’ll come up, though. If you do forget the information, would that mean that you could just relearn it in the real world to get a second copy of those cards? :thinking:

I want to see more about how the cards work in terms of learning information. Now that Rinka should (hopefully) retain her memories this time, will she get her full set of 3 cards? Will remembering the dream cause her also remember her own death? (and thus get her death card)


Yeah, I think they’ve known each other for awhile based on the scene when she is first introduced. She could have some past that maybe made her fake her name before they ever met unrelated to the death game that’ll be discovered later? It feels suspicious so far but maybe there’s another condition they need to meet before a card manifests itself.

This week's spoilers

In my case I feel this is palpably harder than Loopers or 9-nine, mostly because I didn’t manage to actually understand the rules even after re-reading them (and reading this thread, it seems the little I got was mostly wrong too) - and considering the type of game it is, I feel there’s going to be a lot of explanations of deductions and reasoning that are going to be just as complicated. It’s the reality check when one thinks one has gotten better at japanese, I guess. Sad.

I was also confused about the fact that Rinka doesn’t have the card with Miharu’s name. There’s however, the fact that Miharu seems surprised seeing Rinka there - when Rinka awakens in the ‘tribunal hall’ she says:


To what Miharu immediately reacts:


I guess there’s the possibility she’s surprised by the fact that Rinka doesn’t seem to remember the place, but the way she’s wording it seems more like she didn’t know Rinka was participating, rather than surprised she doesn’t remember - though of course a どうして is vague enough I can’t say for sure.

My gut feeling is that the time she visits Rinka’s cafe, and the events at the park are actually Miharu’s regret - that she never confessed to Rinka before she died - of course considering how much I understood of the VN, my confidence in this speculation is very close to zero.


I definitely know that feeling, hell, I had it a little earlier today even with my listening ability. Not to be annoyingly positive, cause it can be rough struggling through something like this, but if you haven’t been butting up against harder content like this recently, I think if you hang in with us you’re going to see noticeable improvements even just by the time this VN is ending. Stuff like 9-Nine- felt very “normal” for me and then after I’ve been reading a novel with longer sentences + this recently, going back was like I was viewing it with new eyes going “wait these sentences are so short.”

And I still maintain that, in the PC version at least, they tell you all these things about the process by which who gets priority in “指名” is decided, using what is such a general word it sounds like you’re just freely selecting someone, then much later go “oh by the way here’s what “指名” even means” in this game, heh. Paruka made it clear she thought it was a pain to re-explain the rules, so I’ll just tell myself she did a bad job and it’s very in character :wink:.


Yeah; she also says that you’ll get the hang of it when you’ve seen a few elimination rounds, so don’t worry about the small details and exceptions, which sounds like good advice to me :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree. No doubt Rinka will not figure this out (and get that card) until the very end of the game…


I had the same thought. :sweat_smile: “These seem complicated and I doubt I’ll remember it all… but oh well, Paruka said we could just learn it through experience after all…”

Also, I appreciate that the game has a recap feature, so you can go back and review what happened previously without having to replay stuff. :slight_smile:


If it helps somewhat know that you’re not alone in this because I’ve felt the same way :smile: . In fact I was venting about it the other day in the read every day thread. It’s definitely harder than 9-nine- for me too, but at the same time I’m determined to struggle through it as much as it takes because I’m convinced it’s a great chance for improvement. I’m sure if we keep at it we’ll come out with a stronger grasp on the language, like @Daisoujou mentioned, so let’s keep working on it :wink: . Pushing the comfort zone sucks and it feels this bad, but at some point this will become our comfort zone and our level will be higher overall. Here’s hoping at least.

About the VN, I can’t say much that hasn’t been said already but I’ll add that so far I like it, I haven’t seen anything that I disliked so far, the music and art both seem pretty nice. I have mentioned in the reading thread that the font is a bit different to what I’m used to, so I’m reading a little slower just for that alone. For some reason my brain keeps reading Naomi’s (直未) name as 素直 over and over :joy: . I guess I see that word so much lately that when I see the kanji 直 in kun’yomi attached to another kanji my brain automatically goes すなお. It’s not even the same order, smh. It’s getting better though, good brain.

I’m guessing one of the participants of the game is the girl that detonated the bomb in the train. I’m also wondering, isn’t the girl that was nominated the same girl that was asking Rinka for directions at the cafe? So she was probably there to get info and not directions.

I’ll trust that the rules will become clearer as we go because yeah I also didn’t get them much. I might give them a re-read just to try to understand things better but in any case I’ll believe that they will be brought up in a simpler manner at some point soon, maybe when both Rinka and Miharu talk again. I’m guessing that things are not crystal clear for Rinka either and they will use that as anchor to inform the readers better.

I hadn’t noticed this but that’s such a great feature, thanks for bringing it up. I tend to forget details as time goes on so this will be really helpful to have.