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Welcome to Week 12 of Fatal Twelve!

We are reading Fatal Twelve as part of the Visual Novel Book Club! Fatal Twelve is a mystery VN with a death game premise and multiple endings.

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Odette’s confession: Who saw that coming? Certainly not me, but I do think they make a good pair. Honestly, Odette deserves someone better.
Miharu: Every week I find myself wondering, “Why did the creators of the VN make her so miserable?” Her behavior towards Naomi was not just rude; it was downright awful. Are we supposed to feel sympathy for Miharu? She even hates animals. I get it if someone doesn’t get along with animals or is afraid of them, choosing to stay away. However, saying outright that you hate them is a red flag. Rinka, please open your eyes and leave her behind.


You guys, I’m so behind. :sob: (well, like a week and a half behind at this point)

October is the busiest time of the year for me at work (I’m an academic advisor at a university and spring enrollment starts tomorrow) and I underestimated how exhausted I’d be this month so have been prioritizing cozy games and lots of naps at home instead… Should be able to get caught up again in the next couple weeks, at least. :crossed_fingers:


I’m also still behind, but I have just managed to read to the end of week 12 before week 14 arrives :slight_smile:

I thought the final Odette/Scorpion fight this week kind of highlighted what was mentioned in an earlier comment thread about the fight scenes not being great. This is supposed to be a climactic duel, but they don’t have much to illustrate it beyond that same image of Odette’s kick we’ve seen before. I think they were wise to basically fast forward through it…

As Odette points out, Rinka doesn’t really seem to be romantically interested in Miharu in the first place. I do wonder where the VN is going to go with that – it doesn’t seem to be developing that plot thread the way I expected it might given the premise.


I mean she should sever her ties with Miharu. Maybe I am a bit harsh but I think Miharu is a bad person. Toxic to anyone and anything except Rinka.
I remember reading that yuri is not a main part of the story. So, I am not surprised so far.
Btw, I am shipping Rinka with Alan but of course they will not end up together. It would make an interesting ending😂

  • Hearing about how Rinka’s parents died, that’d be so awful for her grandma if Rinka ends up dying in a fire just like her parents did. :cry:

  • Rete’s necklace is the same as the mystery man’s earrings! Plus, he has black hair. He’s definitely Rinka’s cat. :joy:

  • Odette… Miharu is in high school. Maybe lay off the flirtation a bit. :grimacing: (she’s nice and respectful about it, but it was still jarring coming from an adult to a high schooler)

  • Compared to the payoff with Yuu (which I mentioned I found kinda rushed/forced), the payoff with Odette works all right. At least, this week’s reading feels like something of a resolution of her character arc. I think part of why it works better than Yuu’s for me is that we’ve known her for longer and seen more from her/Federico’s PoV. Though it stll feels rushed in the scene with Miharu since they really haven’t known each other that long. (though that may be in-character for Odette)


Agreed. At the start when Rinka’s watching from outside the warehouse, there’s a moment, where it’s like “An hour later, they were still at it…” and I thought it was smart of them to cut out the combat bit since Rinka wasn’t really going to be interested in actually watching it anyway… but then they proceed to describe the fight in detail. :roll_eyes: It’s just not that compelling to read about.