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Welcome to Week 19 of Fatal Twelve!

We are reading Fatal Twelve as part of the Visual Novel Book Club! Fatal Twelve is a mystery VN with a death game premise and multiple endings.

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Last Week


Each week, we will aim for approximately 25K characters. Some most weeks will be longer or shorter, depending on appropriate breakpoints! Check this section in each weekly thread to see the stopping point. There is the possibility of some mild spoilers some weeks, so be aware!

This week's endpoint

~25.9k Characters

All happy (?) ends :smiley:


This section will have the list of choices that you should select if you are following along exactly with the book club. While you of course can read the VN however you like, it will be really difficult to contribute to the discussion threads if you are reading a different arc than the club, so please keep that in mind!

  1. (from SAVE05) 海晴と付き合う
  2. 気付いている
  3. 何もしない *SAVE06
  4. (from SAVE06) 運命を変える

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  • I’m reading along
  • I have finished this part
  • I won’t be reading with the club
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So this is the final week, right?


Yes, 7 Dec. Not sure what I should put in the title.


Is there something wrong with the “choices” information here? 返事はできない is not one of the options from the SAVE05 point – that was at SAVE04 (and we’ve already taken it). I’m guessing we should be taking 海晴と付き合う from SAVE05 ?


Thanks. Corrected now.


I found when I was done that I didn’t quite have all the PS4 trophies, so I went looking for them… Dunno if this is in the PC version, but one of them does have some new content we didn’t get the first time through.

how to get the last couple of trophies (no spoilers)

One (“reply to the confession”) is allegedly random and/or only happens if you go back for it after having all the endings. At least, I got it by going back to SAVE04, picking 返事はできない and then fast forwarding to the credits and after credits scenes, and it popped up at the end of that Future ending. There’s no actual new content here, though.

The second (“that encounter”) involves some new content. Start a fresh game once you’ve got the Future ending, and you get some bonus scenes with backstory for one of the characters before the beginning of the game proper.

Oh, and you only get the “get all CGs/music/etc” trophies when you go and look at the CGs/music etc from the game menu.


Also I am not sure when extra menu was unlocked. (Rewind/replay now easy.)

My unlocked is still 29/31


30 should be easy. Dunno of the last one.


I believe it is unlocked after reaching the first main ending.

There’s one line from Rinka that we haven’t heard before in that scene: 「私も大好きだよ、海晴」 It’s somewhat worth it.

The backstory is ~4.9k! After that, there are some new lines in the train station scene.


Really? Bah, the text skipping just skipped straight past it…


I think I’ve finally finished the game. Fatal Twelve is the first visual novel I started reading and the second one I finished. The branching plot and multiple endings made the reading a lot of fun for me, watching how the story unfolds and guessing what will happen next. Well, almost all my guesses were wrong, but I’m not frustrated at all.
Witnessing the friendship between teenage girls feels nostalgic. I was part of such a group once or twice in middle and high school. It seems like an eternity ago. Also, I love how the story emphasizes “change”, and here is my character transformation: I ended up liking Miharu. :joy:
Thank you @MrGeneric and @polv for managing the book club, and other readers for commenting. I would drop this VN at the beginning without you.


Hmm, maybe a difference between PC and PS? Rinka and Naomi talk about Yuu and during the conversation, one of them mentions that it feels like déjà vu.


I haven’t tried looking at the train station scene yet.


Nice catch on those added 7 lines, around 300 characters.

That makes this week 25.9k.


Finally managed to finish this VN and also read the extra scene back at the start.
Huge thanks to @MrGeneric and @polv for all the effort in running this club!

Final thoughts on the game

I feel overall this game was pretty enjoyable. There were a lot of diverse and interesting characters - Odette, Alan, Miharu, Yuu, Mao, Rinka, they all seemed to have substance to them and didn’t fall into any usual stereotypes. Exploring their personalities and interactions was more interesting than the actual plot of the VN itself for me.

Romance-wise, I felt it was lacking but not bad. At least in the arc where Miharu and Rinka actually date for a few days they had quite a few cute moments. I am still puzzled about a lot of other options in game that mostly seemed geared to move Rinka closer to either Naomi or Mao, but they have no actual arcs for themselves. Makes me wonder if the authors just gave up on writing these extra scenarios.

There were also some low points, which I guess have been mentioned already - some forced or non-sensical bad ends, fighting scenes lacked dynamism, the artificially extended drama in the “Future” ending, and also basically everything related to Scale, which felt like a terrible character. I love a well written antagonist, but Scale was anything but that - unidimensional, delusional, annoying and just plain boring. I winced in the “Like a dream world” ending when we had to put up with one last HAHAHA.

As a language learner, this was pretty tough to read. It reminded me how much I struggle with long sentences that have tons of sub clauses, in which I often lost track of which parts referred to which subjects :disappointed:


I finished this earlier today too. I think this is the 2nd longest VN I’ve managed to finish (or 3rd if I count 9-nine as one thing) :partying_face:

Final thoughts

I’m not sure how much I liked the game overall. I didn’t think it was bad but there wasn’t really any point in the story where I really felt “hooked”. Sonya was the only side character that I really liked. Her weekly section was fun and had some cute moments in it. None of the other characters I would say were bad (outside of Scale - he was awful) but I didn’t really get attached to any of them. I did like Rinka though, she was definitely the best character in my opinion.

The OST was kind of all over the place in this game too. Chilling With Sidekicks and Miharu’s theme were my two favorite songs and really enjoyable but then there were songs like Two Crossing Paths where I considered muting the game for a while… There were some other good songs in the game but played at weird times. Sometimes the music felt a lot more intense than the situation called for.

I liked the date with Miharu and Rinka too. I think those type of scenes were my favorite in the VN. They were cute and fun to go through. I also thought it was kind of weird that Naomi didn’t get a “route”. I thought one of the ends would lead to Rinka and her getting together, especially since I believe Miharu mentioned something about that being Rinka’s original fate? It felt like they were pushing Naomi a bit in the latter parts of the game too. Surprised there wasn’t even a confession/rejection scene between the two.

This VN is probably the hardest one I’ve read so far. I especially noticed it when I was reading 9-nine and this at the same time, I was able to finish the 9-nine weekly assignments a lot faster than Fatal Twelve despite them having identical character targets each week.

Also a fun side note, there is a cameo in Lycoris’s new game 嘘から始まる恋の夏. There is a small scene when some characters in that game go to a cafe and their waitress is a college aged Rinka


30/31 unlocked now. Dunno what’s the last one.

About the review of this VN, I like the music. I like to read about different people. But some people may be over the top, or weakly explained. (Indeed, so many people here are extreme, anyway.)


I finally have all the achievements, though I need to look at the walkthrough (in Steam).

Very spoiler

This does not take place when you are answering Miharu with options. This achievement happens in the Future ending. Play through the future ending again (This may only occur when playing through Future again after completing all other endings, but I’m not sure and cannot test it. If you can please test this and let me know.), not on scene replay. You can use skip as long as it stops for new text. You should have one new line in the scene that you didn’t see on your first time.

Despite the guide, I have success with scene replay.