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Welcome to Week 11 of Fatal Twelve!

We are reading Fatal Twelve as part of the Visual Novel Book Club! Fatal Twelve is a mystery VN with a death game premise and multiple endings.

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  1. (restart from SAVE 1) 条件を飲まない
  2. 「……海晴?」

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Thanks so much for taking over the threads!

Week 11 spoilers

Yuu’s fiery death (or the burning without dying) is hardcore, oof. Nice to see Rinka finally actively participate in the game, and it feels pretty big that she’s looking into the setup itself. I wonder if we’ll get a hard focus shift to HAHAHA guy and he’ll lose next? Otherwise it’s going to be another big step for any of the people who have felt most like main characters to go away now. Maybe Alan has started showing his soft side enough to inch that way, who knows.

It’s wild trying to follow the logic of what changes, and how, but I’m trying to just go with the flow of what they say happens. Feels like that’s going to be important again.

I’d say I’m liking this but not totally loving it at this stage. The characters are interesting mostly but I don’t think any truly hooked me where I’m gonna be devastated when something happens. More than anything I’m just interested in seeing where the wild ride goes next, cause it’s gotten increasingly surprising throughout the Yuu plotlines.

This one choice seems to have made all the difference, so maybe the past ones were just flavor and didn’t truly matter? I wonder if the VN does actual hard branching or if it’s a bunch of paths to similar bad endings, hmm.


The bad end was pretty interesting. I wasn’t expecting there to be a short epilogue after it, most VNs just have a game over screen and that’s it for bad ends. That ending showed Miharu really is capable of doing whatever she sets her mind to since she ended up winning the whole thing. There was one line in the epilogue where she says her only friend in the world now is Mao since Rinka is dead in that ending. She really does not like Naomi that much if she doesn’t consider her a friend at all :joy: Guess a few lines later it seemed like she was starting to come around on her, though.

The bad ending choice/logic seemed kind of weird to me. Not sure why Rinka felt like she had to give up her info in that route and sacrifice herself to save Naomi. Its not like she had to be the one to eliminate Yuu in order to bring back Naomi but I guess she wasn’t in the right headspace there.

I’m hoping that happens mainly cause I can’t stand the guy. The whole HAHAHA thing has to be one of the weirdest things I’ve seen in a VN.

There’s only a couple of choices that matter in the game I believe. I think we’re reaching the point where a majority of them matter but all of the ones in the beginning were just small things that changed a line or two of text.

This week's spoilers

I thought the bad ending was pretty interesting - just like Odette, I expected Miharu to falter after Rinka died (re-died? re:died?), but it was nice to see she had the strength of mind to carry on Rinka’s last wish despite the void she had in her heart.

Also, when Odette is about to drop Rinka, she mentions thinking that maybe Rinka had all Odette cards (which seems can be used to prevent from getting 脱落-ed.) I have the feeling that mechanic is going to show up somewhen.

If only Rinka and Miharu are left, and they both have each other’s 3 cards, wouldn’t that force a tie? I vaguely remember someone asks about this in the first week, and パルカ just replies with something vague about finding out if it actually happens.

I thought it kinda made sense. Rinka is the only one that can pry into Yuu’s heart to find his 未練. Waiting for someone else to drop Yuu didn’t seem very realistic to me - Yuu’s 未練 is not easy to figure out by just researching into his past and it’s not like he’s attached to anyone (who is still alive, at least) that could be used as hostage to force him to divulge it.

Also, if not even Odette + Alan can defeat him in a straight fight (like it happened in the Tokyo tower), I don’t see how he’d be defeated, as much as he wanted to die and didn’t care about the 女神の選定.

I haven’t checked the guide nor do I know how many endings this game has, but it seems to me most of the choices were affection-points choices? My impression is that we are heading towards Miharu’s good ending, and most choices are related to drawing Rinka and Miharu closer. I kind of expect there be a Naomi ending too (and maybe Mao?).

I only remember one other choice that seemed to be related to the actual events of the game - which is the choice that shows back when Rinka is leaving her café and sees someone nearby that happens to be Sofia. I think there was the option to ignore her, though not sure how much things deviate there.

The quirky laughs are something else. No idea who is going to drop next, but I guess Miharu has HAHAHA’s name, while Rinka, if I remember correctly, has his 未練 - maybe figuring out his 死因 is not that hard.

But yeah, I can’t stand that hypocrite either.


Week 11 Console vs. PC version difference?

My version of the game (on Switch) definitely didn’t have an epilogue after the bad end this week… gonna need to see if I can hunt down a video of it online, I guess. :thinking:

As soon as the credits rolled, it popped up with “Do you want to go back to the most recent choice?” (i.e. where Odette asks Rinka if she’s willing to sacrifice herself)

Edit: Found this video of it on Youtube in case anyone else is in the same boat! :slight_smile:

Steam for PC version

I see the scene after credits, but no “Do you want to go back to the most recent choice?”.

That is, if I forgot to make SAVE 1, I can’t go back.


So… weirdly that issue seems to have fixed itself?? :thinking: I’m very confused…

I turned on my Switch this evening and it told me the software I was playing (i.e. Fatal Twelve) had an update, so I let it update and when it loaded up again, I decided to fast forward through that ending one more time to see if I’d missed some trigger or something to activate the epilogue… and there it was! :open_mouth: This time it didn’t ask me if I wanted to go back to the previous choice, but gave me the epilogue! No idea why, but I’m not complaining. :woman_shrugging:

I can’t imagine it was just a weirdly perfectly timed update on the same day that I realized my Switch was skipping some content… When we get the next ending, I’ll have to see what it does that time. Silly Switch…


@polv It sounded like you’ve got the texthooker set up now so you might not need help with character counts?

I got an image for you again just in case, 24.7k characters, cliff hangar but it works very well for the length and hitting a big scene change. I can stop if you don’t need these, just lemme know.



Yeah, I have the count, but my count is 29.9k to there, including spaces and new lines.

Actually, I keep in a text file, so I ran a script to ensure there is no duplicate lines. This also answers that I can safely rewind. (Pause screens don’t come up in the hooker.)

I also have the end image. Anyway, that NEXT WEEK SPOILERS is prob most common repeats :rofl:

@MrGeneric You might want to add a link to Next Week in Week 10.

Now, the link to the Week 12.


Ooh, yeah, I should do that.


So for this week are we supposed to play through to the bad end, then reload from “save 1”, pick the other choice and continue? Or have I got lost in a different branch of the VN to the intended one? I was expecting the “choices” section of the post to mention that kind of thing.


That is exactly what you are intended to do, yes.


Ah, I should have made clear with that. Corrected.


I thought Miharu was being unnecessarily heartless in not starting with the “Naomi isn’t dead” good news up front when she was bringing Rinka up to speed…


Agreed… though I did somewhat understand where she was coming from when she ended with not being sure if anything bad had happened to Naomi (like maybe she was in the hospital in the ICU or something) so was nervous about bringing it up to Rinka. That said, she still should’ve said that first thing. :expressionless:

Basically, my reaction was “Ok, so you weren’t doing it just to be an asshole, but… come on, you know that’s what she cares about. Even if Naomi’s injured or in critical condition, Rinka deserves to know that as soon as possible.”

  • Kinda funny that Rinka and Yuu have the same 未練, though… is Rinka’s life really so unusual that she longs for a normal life? I mean, it’s certainly weird now that she’s in this weird situation, but was it that unusual beforehand? I mean, I know she lost her parents and lives at her grandma’s cafe, but it doesn’t seem like she had a bad life before the 女神の選定。

  • So nominations happen in numerical order, right? How would it work if 3 people nominated each other in a circle? Like 1 nominates 2, 2 nominates 3, and 3 nominates 1. Would 1 be safe 'cause 3 would be dead before they could kill 1?

  • The resolution to Yuu’s story seems somewhat forced/rushed, mostly because of how condensed a lot of this has to be for pacing reasons. It’s not like Yuu’s a character we’ve known since the start of the game, after all. But you have really pointed things like Rinka calling him a 人形 before she dies which ends up super triggering him (and seems like such an oddly specific thing for her to say), then Ushidzuka has a whole speech about how “I want you to become a person who can give something to others.” which seems to have coincidentally been the ‘perfect’ thing for him to say to really mess with Yuu’s head.

  • So… after Yuu was eliminated, the train bombing still happened, but the Tokyo Tower attack didn’t. I guess the difference being that physical evidence was left behind at the train bombing?? And 'cause, if it got erased, it could mess with other things like Rinka’s death if she gets eliminated. While, with the Tokyo Tower event, the only person who got injured was Aran. I’m really wondering if there’s some middle manager behind the scenes of the 女神の選定 who has to manually retcon everything after someone’s eliminated. :joy: That might explain some of the seeming inconsistencies.

  • It’s also interesting how seemingly incomplete the retconning is. People like Naomi who are involved with events that were erased are going to start forming their own conspiracy theory groups based on these weird subconscious collective memories they all have in common. :sweat_smile:

  • Miharu gets dizzy when she goes to touch Rete… Yeah, the cat’s definitely involved…

  • Naomi remembers Yuu, even remembering his name despite saying that her memories of the retconned events are pretty fragmented. That scene also gives more credence to my ‘theory’ that there’s a 女神のmiddle manager who’s manually reconstructing people’s memories. :joy: Naomi just has a vague memory of having read books while school was out last week, but doesn’t even remember what books she read! That’s a pretty half-assed memory reconstruction. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think they arrive at the same 未練 from different directions. For Yuu it’s something he never had and is envious of, but for Rinka it’s more like she realises that her life is pretty good and she doesn’t want to lose that future she could have.