False burns

These days I often have around 100 reviews to start my day. I don’t usually have time to do them all at once, sometimes I just have time to get through 10-20.

What happens sometimes is that I get a review for an item about to be burned and I get it wrong (the reading or the meaning). The other half of the test for that word doesn’t come up within the next 10 reviews. A few hours later I come back to do reviews and I might see that word again or maybe not. Often I don’t actually get both sides of that word until I can do a bigger chunk later in the day.

Even though I got it wrong earlier in the day, I am usually only just slightly off and I do remember the other half of the test (reading or meaning), so I end up getting it “correct” since I was reminded of the half I had forgotten earlier in the day. So I get a burn but it feels like a cheat :thinking:

This is why I call it a false burn, but it is starting to happen to me these days. I wish when it comes to a burn WK would immediately lower rank of any word you get either the meaning or reading wrong, and not wait for the other half to be tested.

You need to complete both parts of a review before the result is sent to the server. Your partial results are stored in your browser for two hours. If you wait longer than that, it is as if the incomplete review never happened.


You could just use the wrap-up feature when you’re about to stop reviewing, that will make sure you won’t leave any items “half-done”.


I systematically use wrap-up to group my reviews into groups of 10. That way I can stop whenever I want in the middle of large reviews.


Ah, I was wondering if anyone else did this. I started it a level or two ago and I love it. The very first thing I do when I enter a review is click that button, no matter if I fully intend to do everything and and no matter the number of items (well, unless there’s 15 or less I suppose).

Ensuring that meaning and reading for the same word will always be pretty close to one another just feels right to me. And the getting things done in chunks is more satisfying. Also makes me more likely to start chopping away at a sizable review load, because knowing I’m only doing 10 at a time means I never feel like I’m getting into something too big to handle at the moment.

So while I suppose this doesn’t address the root issue behind OP’s point, it’s definitely a workaround that may help.

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I’ll very often click wrap up at the beginning of a session as well since I tend to squeeze in a 10 review session at odd intervals during the day. Maybe someone can write an auto-wrap-up script to automatically click the wrap up selection at the start of a session.


Userscripts are nice but when I’m doing those shorter reviews I’m usually on my phone. As far as I know there isn’t a phone app that lets you install userscripts? The one I use comes with a few but there’s no way to add more.

The wrap up feature is part of the WK site itself.
You can just hit the little clock icon during your reviews, and you’ll get both halves of the next 10 items, finishing up your session without missing anything.


I… I never noticed that little thing! :open_mouth: I thought you all were talking about a user script. I feel pretty dumb now but also this is great! Thanks everyone :smile:

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The wrap-up button is certainly not obvious. I only learned about it because I read some other post on the forums when I was at level 8 or 9. But then I started using it more and more until I was systematically pushing that button at the beginning of every review session. I learned about the user script to push the button for me in this thread, and it seems to work great. I wouldn’t want to do all my reviews at once any more than I want to do all my lessons at once.

It seems that in WK’s implementation, if you’re doing a long review, WK never lets you do more than 10 halves without doing the other halves, so that if you hit the wrap-up button, it can always give you the other 10 halves and finish up your session relatively quickly. If you push the button at the beginning of your review session, you’ll get 10 items in your session, and that will be it. I definitely prefer to break up my reviews into chunks of 10 like that.

I think WK should make this button more obvious, or send you an email informing you about it or something (e.g. when you have your first big review, or when you subscribe), or make auto-wrap-up an option. It’s pretty easy to miss.

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