Can you do only a portion of the review items?

Hello I’m new here , I just started a week ago.

WHY IS IT SO SLO-- …No I’m just kidding, actually, the last two days I woke up with 82 items in the review. When I wake up on week days I can’t do all of them at once before work, but I noticed that when I quit midway, when I comeback even 5minutes later, I have to start again at the beginning.

Is there something I am not doing correctly or do I have to do it all at once? I would like to take the 15 minutes I have on hand but I can’t allow that much more time before I go to work. Thank you

Any review you completely finish is done. However, until a review is answered correctly for both meaning and reading, your progress is only stored locally on your phone/computer.

If you haven’t got much time to spend, try using the wrap-up button, which will end your session after 10 more reviews and ensure you finish any reviews you’ve already started. If you have enough time to keep going after that, go back in and hit it again to do 10 more.


Awesome, thank you !!

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