Failing even though I am right

Just got the meaning of Tateru wrong when i typed, “to stand up something” when the correct answer is “to stand something up.” Pretty ticked off.


big f add synonym (also im not native english so im probably wrong about this but i think you have to say ‘stand the book up’ instead of ‘stand up the book’ so maybe that’s why)

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You can add it as a synonym for future reference. I guess it’s pretty hard for them to preemptively think of every possible combination people might think up (though there are definitely some where there seems to be an obvious option missing).

Also, I would definitely encourage you to try not to be too invested in every single review :slight_smile: sometimes you’ll get them wrong for dumb reasons. It’s only one review!


Indeed if you “stand up the book”, I would take it to mean you didn’t arrive to a prearranged meeting with the book. Rude! :sweat_smile:

In all seriousness, I think this one is a bit awkward because the use of “to stand something up” is not very common either, at least in my life. I also see dictionaries use “stand up someone” in the same sense of “fail to meet”, soo.


I had the same feeling when I started. I came across this add on for Wanikani that has removed that frustration.

It allows you to double check your answer if Wanikani marks it as incorrect before submitting.


You know what you meant, and you know the vocab.Computers are dumb. Install Tampermonkey and one of the doublecheck scripts from Greasyfork or you’re in for a reaaaaal long haul.

first time you posted, even though you are level 20? Welcome to the community! lol

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