Extra study: Burnt items

Hi All :blush:!

I’m experiencing issues with the extra study mode for burnt items. I’ve done them all, so the system has reset to the total amounts of items. Today I wanted to start practicing again. So I did, but this time when I end the session, the system resets again and so does not show how many items you have left to practice.

If that doesn’t make sense, example with numbers to follow :sweat_smile: . If I have 100 burnt and practice 10, then on the dashboard I used to read 90 of 100 burnt items left.
Now, if a practice 10 and then go to the dashboard, I read 100 burnt items left as if I never did the session…

Am I the only one? :woman_shrugging:

I just checked via my tablet, and it seems to be working correctly for me.

What browser are you using? Try opening the Javascript console (press F12 and click on the console tab) to see if there are any errors. Also, click on the Network tab and see if it seems to be submitting your answers successfully after each item. (Or just post a snapshot if the network tab doesn’t make any sense to you.)

Thank you for your reply!

I’ve just :fire: some more items and… The system went back to normal, updating the ones I tried to upload some screenshots for you :smile:.

If that didn’t happen, I guess I would’ve waited for when the 24h have passed at the WK HQ and see it that would’ve done the trick.

Btw, I’m on Chrome on my phone and, before the new burning, I also tried another browser on the phone, but the output was the same :sweat_smile:

Oh dear, and back we are. Same issues as yesterday.

I guess I’ll humbly ask the @Mods if they could spare some time to have a look at what is iffy with my user :bowing_woman::bowing_woman::bowing_woman:

Hey RobertaB! Would you mind reaching out to us via hello@wanikani.com and explain your issue again and/or copy and paste this thread? I feel like we can better assist you there.

-Nick at WK

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