Extension for failed answer

We all know that at the end when you finish all your reviews, or when you just stop reviewing your items you can see how many goods you had, and which were answered incorrectly, right. Is there an extension where I can store my failed answers, so I can review them in Anki for example, something like wrap all lately incorrectly answers in a file.


I also want this feature :sunglasses: Tofugu should give their data to WK user to reflect.


With the Self-Study Quiz script you can filter for recently failed items

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With Additional Filters.

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Thanks, wasn’t sure if that was from Additional Filters or not

How does this works, I have installed it.

The script thread has screenshots in the first post that show how to open it. It may take a few minutes to get the hang of how to put together different quizzes, but it’s all very self-explanatory if you click around and experiment. :slight_smile:

I don’t see any description on greasyfork how to use it.

When I say script thread, I refer to the one here on WK, where you presumably got the greasyfork link. ^^

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There is a script like this, which stores all your wrong items since when you installed it, until you decide to clear it, I have no idea what it’s called I had it but I don’t anymore for some reason, I probably found it on some topic with a list a scripts, or jpsperria’s (still have no idea how to write it) guide

The image on the thread is so outdated.

Ah wait, I fixed it now!!! One question tho, does correctly answered questions inside the framework apply to your wanikani? Or is it just practice so when you encounter it again on wanikani you increase the chance of answering it correctly.

^^ Yes, just this.

What I have seen from this third party app is, that your not actually reviewing the failed answered items, which in this case are just like 60 for if I’m right. Is there a way to just review your failed answered items?

I think that feature is added (to Self-Study Quiz) by the Additional Filters script.

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