The translations for vocabulary sentences, especially for vocabulary later on, are quite inaccurate

I don’t know if it’s just that I’ve noticed this more during lvl 45-59 because I’ve improved since starting wanikani, but the translations for some of the sentences aren’t even close to what they should say. Take for example, the sentence for 解剖.

“You can’t say they didn’t perform an autopsy.”

It should be “We can’t say anything for sure unless we do an autopsy”. This is just one of the sentences with a problem like this. I don’t mind if you guys add in a few details with each translation, you shouldn’t but changing the entire meaning.


They accept corrections via email.


I also send a correction for another sentence before, the higher levels probably don’t have enough people looking over them properly :slight_smile:

Edit: when you look at the update thread it looks like nothing was correct in the first place because there are so many :wink:

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The weather forecast said that it will be clear tomorrow, a day after tomorrow, and two days from now.

  • One “明日も” too many?
  • Isn’t “day after tomorrow” the same as “two days from now”?
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No matter what happens, never misuse government money!

Should probably be “手を出すんじゃないぞ!”

It just goes to show that fewer people are even reading the example sentences at the higher levels. I had stopped reading them before getting to level 60 and embarrassingly, had intended on reporting some things but, due to life, had completely forgotten about them. :sweat:

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There’s an unknown symbol “” in this example sentence:

Fortunately, I was overseas at the time, so I was able to escape the disaster.

I’m not sure what that means. :sweat:

Can you point me to exactly what’s wrong?

Oddly enough, Discourse only shows that symbol in preview mode.

Another odd thing, the symbol only showed up when I did my lesson on vocab災難

Now that I see the example sentence on the item page, the symbol disappears.

EDIT: to add to the mystery, I don’t see it on Linux, only Chrome or Firefox on Windows 10.

Hmm… where in the sentence was it and what did it look like?

Edit: Can you try to get a screenshot?


The only screenshot I can get at the moment is from my own post

The position is between “く” and “海”.

Currently the symbol is not visible on the item page. But when the item comes up for review in 4 hours I’ll try to make another screenshot.

The other possibility is that I’ve gone mad and am hallucinating. Knowing myself, don’t count this out.

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Okay, I deleted the sentence and typed it out by hand, so hopefully that got rid of it? Unless I am also hallucinating while I type and adding in some weird diamond thing.

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Yeah, I figured that’s probably some odd character copied over from Microsoft Word or some other word processor software. Thanks!

No problem! If it comes back (or appears in other items) just shoot me a message and I’ll try to do the same fix. :+1:


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