Email notification for new level review sessions?

as title says, I have missed many review sessions that “matters” for my progression that costed alot of time and more importantly awkward review and lesson times. Now I know that WK is not some sort of racing sim or there is an extra cake for speedruning the levels.
but I feel extra shitty for missing a critical review session because I was watching a video or browsing through the reposts of day at reddit.

if there any application on mobile that would make for a bonus points in my book as I keep my phone whenever I am out and about yes I know, just let me have this moment plz ;–;

thank you for reading



It does not have specific notifications for level-up reviews, but has a time-line that shows when they will occur, so that’s at least something.


Now this makes my time spent with the scripts to add much needed features like a proper timeline or the FF addon that notifies me of new reviews almost for nothing. will download it for sure as I definitely all about going out and enjoying the summer hey, one day man one day!

but just like the title says it just kills me that I don’t get notified about the Kanji and radicals needed to level up. hell even just now I was only able to do it by taking a random peak at the site to post about the need for such notification

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Do you understand the way the SRS system works? You could also predict when these level ups occur by looking at this from this page.

(In reality, everything apart from the 4 and 8 hour SRS periods is actually 1 hour shorter)


I am but since the time slots keep on shifting due to me either making on time or not
makes it all that harder to be on time so to speak.
it is especially annoying wanting to do something else but have to wait few hours or I get to miss my leveling by a day or so


Ok yeah a day is pretty significant. In that case it would be pretty great to have that, I agree. Unfortunately I know of no extensions that provide that. But as someone who went at max speed only to tumble and fall half way through, it is more important to take it at your own pace, then to not remember half of everything half way through.

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Dashboard Progress Plus userscript – pulls a wrapper around all of your level up (90%) kanji on the dashboard and tells you when they will level up – I just make a note of when they’ll pop up.

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What I did for a while is just set an alarm or reminder. If you do lessons at the same time each day, the reviews will also come in at predictable times. When I’m not on vacation, I can keep to the following schedule:

Between 7+8am lessons
Between 11am+12pm reviews
(Between 3+4pm reviews if I made a mistake before)
Between 7+8pm reviews
Between 11pm+12am reviews to close the day.

For a 7 day schedule this is perfect. If you want to go full speed, I guess you can set some timers everytime you do lessons.

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TBH I would have followed your advice if not for the uncertain future of the December test. as I am only “rushing” due to the off chance that the Japan foundation finds it suitable to administer the exams. as I will barely make it to lvl 36 on exam day by going full speed.

and if not for the fact that it is not an easy task to send an email to my email using a userscript I would have just done that myself. Hence why I think that this would be best tackled by WK itself.

thanks my Dashboard looks good, now I only live agony knowing that I am only missing 2 kanjis to level up and have to wait 3 more days to do the last 4 that I’ve yet to unlock. but in all seriousness I was looking for this script but did not know its name, thanks!

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Do you want to take N2?
Lvl 36 may be sufficient but you’d need to be used to reading lots of text fast by that time, not even mentioning that you need to know a ton of non wk vocab.

For N3 and below lvl 28-30 should be more than enough.

trying to retake N3 as last time I took the exam I did very horribly.

I have been reading more Japanese manga raw through amazon kindle but good god the DEM is horrid and I would love an DRM free alt
and trying to visit the book club here when it is a book of an interest to me.
but if you have more resources to improve my Japanese reading by all means share it.

I mean according to this page I would be around 82.83% to 86.10% learnt of the N3
and if the mock exam was of any indication I did not know many Kanjis at N4 and was below 90% of N4 back then too
so better safe than sorry
as I would hate it if I miss the passing grade due to vocb or grammar
also if there any good listing material I would be grateful to know about.

There are no official JLPT kanji lists. That page may be a bit conservative.

I did well on N3 test last year at WK lvl 29. I knew all the kanji but had to guess some vocab items.

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I guess I will try to slow down after hitting 30 to a regular 1 level per 7 days as opposed to 1 lvl per 6 days and 20 hr. though I doubt I can keep it at that given my absentmindedness when it comes to this.

and been looking at the API to see what I can do there; as IDK how do the devs interact with the feedback page. as in do they reply back or just acknowledge the request? as you know it is my first time send back a feedback to WK and there is no way of me knowing if I am doing it right or wrong.

If you send them an email at they usually respond in 1-2 work days.

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thanks sent them an email regarding this and marking your reply as solution. kinda odd given that this is for feedback not troubleshooting but I could be misusing the site after all.

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