Dedicated WK Mobile Review Notifications app?

Can someone please make an app that takes the API data, periodically (every hour or so…) checks when the next review for each item is, sends a push notification when a review becomes available, and nothing else? Bonus points for having iOS and Android versions and/or being able to toggle whether the notification says the number of reviews available.

I’d code it myself, but I don’t know how to make mobile apps.

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Take this as an opportunity to learn!


Well I did something similar. I have a small lamp that turns on If I have reviews. At the moment I just build it to verify that it’s working. Next step is to 3D print a Flower with pedals that will open and light up if I have reviews and close and turn off lights if I don’t have reviews.

But I am quite happy with the simple hardware notification that I have so far :slight_smile:

I don’t design I use the build of someone else but it looks great.


Can’t you install Tsukurame/ Flaming Durtles? I use Flaming Durtles and it has notifications for new lessons and reviews, so when you get one you can go do it on the website?

@Sulax This thread was posted ages ago, and in the time since, I’ve burnt out, took a break, and started over from Level 1. Even so, that blooming flower idea looks pretty cool!

@Akashelia This is basically what I’m doing now. I’ve got Flaming Durtles installed on my phone, though I’m usually good enough about logging in on the website that I don’t need the reminders I was looking for originally. Thanks for the suggestion, though! <3


Oops didn’t notice the original date of the post. Welcome back I guess :smiley:
And good luck on continuing your studies! :muscle: