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New People Questions! ~~~<3 [Lost?! Confused?! We're here to help!]

Hey Everyone! First of all, welcome to WaniKani. We’re a quirky community of fellow language learners. On the old forum, there used to be a thread, Post Noob Questions Here. Basically, I’m reviving that idea, since bo…

1622 February 11, 2020
Unofficial FAQ

The old “Unofficial FAQ” is archived, but I thought maybe it’d be a good time to bring it back. First of all, many questions are answered in the official FAQ and the WaniKani guide. If you’re taking the time to learn Ja…

57 December 13, 2019
About the WaniKani category 2 March 7, 2017
When the Tenth Month Comes (aka the diary of a person who try ~not very~ hard) 312 February 19, 2020
Did WaniKani update the Kanji? 18 February 19, 2020
Why I’m quitting WaniKani 214 February 19, 2020
I was having a real bad day, and then i got my first burn! 4 February 19, 2020
The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

This is a wiki post, please feel free to edit it and add to it! Requests Userscripts Here How to use userscripts

Table of contentsUserscripts Dashboard Reviews & Lessons Reviews Lessons Forums Other Outdated Scr…

429 February 19, 2020
Big Burns Celebration Thread! 🔥🐢🔥 476 February 19, 2020
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Vocab suggestion - 清掃 - Clean-up 3 February 19, 2020
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I finally hit level 20! 17 February 18, 2020
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Katakana, Hiragana, wtf 21 February 18, 2020
Weekend Neglect 12 February 18, 2020
Mac Safari 13 - Userscripts extension on App Store 7 February 18, 2020
Back after a few months and struggling: Advice? 19 February 18, 2020
Your worst typos WaniKani has accepted 635 February 18, 2020
Sighting of a Turtle in Sounkyo 2 February 18, 2020
Lesson review suggestion 5 February 18, 2020
I was just asked for the vocab reading for "火", and I entered "か" when it was looking for "ひ". Is there a way to get it to say "I'm looking for the Kun'yomi reading instead" instead of just marking my answer wrong? 26 February 18, 2020