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New People Questions! ~~~<3 [Lost?! Confused?! We're here to help!]

Hey Everyone! First of all, welcome to WaniKani. We’re a quirky community of fellow language learners. On the old forum, there used to be a thread, Post Noob Questions Here. Basically, I’m reviving that idea, since bo…

1641 March 25, 2020
Unofficial FAQ

The old “Unofficial FAQ” is archived, but I thought maybe it’d be a good time to bring it back. First of all, many questions are answered in the official FAQ and the WaniKani guide. If you’re taking the time to learn Ja…

64 February 24, 2020
About the WaniKani category 2 March 7, 2017
Is there a website like WaniKani for Chinese? 4 March 29, 2020
The 0/0 Streak Challenge 3349 March 29, 2020
The Level 60 compilation - Learn from those that did it! :cake: 39 March 29, 2020
Finally got reviews down to 0! Even if only for 20 mins 6 March 29, 2020
Crabsmas riddle? Durtle Heaven finally near? 1352 March 29, 2020
[Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline 979 March 29, 2020
My journey from N5 to N2 in one year (Level 60 post :tada:) 48 March 29, 2020
[Userscript] Stroke Order Diagram 101 March 29, 2020
Call 911, this is (a) review(s) emergency! 5 March 29, 2020
Wanikani Dark Azure 2 Theme 136 March 29, 2020
Torii - SRS learning application for vocabulary 629 March 29, 2020
Wanikani login error 2 March 29, 2020
Level 60 at long last 12 March 29, 2020
Jisho.org listing for それぞれ? 8 March 29, 2020
[Userscript] Progress Percentages 54 March 29, 2020
Lesson queue not updated after quiz 3 March 29, 2020
Introducing KameSame - a new reverse-Wanikani web app! 1150 March 29, 2020
Minor Menu Updates

Hey all! We’ve made some tweaks to the menu, and they’re up on the preview site for everyone to see. We replaced the ‘account’ item with your avatar; we hid the search bar by default and added a search icon that trigger…

80 March 29, 2020
Why do some radicals break previous mnemonics? 5 March 29, 2020
Wanikani screenshots :camera_flash: 3986 March 29, 2020
When the Tenth Month Comes (aka the diary of a person who tries ~not very~ hard) 358 March 29, 2020
Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT 1770 March 29, 2020
SRS app with notifications for android 4 March 29, 2020
[Userscript] WaniKani Katakana Madness 45 March 29, 2020
[Userscript] Keisei 形声 Semantic-Phonetic Composition 276 March 29, 2020
Level 21 by 2021! 32 March 29, 2020
Burned item counter tab cut off 10 March 29, 2020