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Japanese Only (Beginners) This is the Japanese Only section for beginners. Staff will try to only use kanji from WaniKani Levels 1-5. You should try to write everything in Japanese if you can, but there is a little more leniency in this forum for some English if you need to ask for clarification, or if you have question about something that somebody wrote. Staff may give you some explanation in English too. But, do your best to use Japanese as much as possible starting right… now! Listening Post Japanese language listening practice, requests for help regarding listening, or offer advice on listening. If it has to do with listening to Japanese, this is a good place for your post. Kanji If only there were some place to learn kanji. Like, stay with me, some kind of thing, perhaps on some kind of interconnected network of data, that could help you to learn them. Maybe in a particular order? Or, like, maybe it would test you on them, but not just at any old time, but at a specific time that's better for your... what do you call it? The things in your head that come out of your head sometimes when you need that information? Questions Have general questions about the Japanese language? You can ask it here. Of course, questions about grammar / vocab / kanji / speaking / etc should probably be posted in the appropriate sub categories, if you can. Speaking Need help with speaking in Japanese? Want to give advice on speaking in Japanese? Does your post have something to do with speaking in Japanese? Go ahead, speak your mind in this sub category. Resources Want to share a Japanese resource you found or made? Let us know about it! Please just make sure that it follows our rules about not spamming. Grammar The Grammar sub category is for Japanese grammar. WaniKani doesn't actually teach grammar, so I'm sure you have many questions. Ask them here, get them answered. Or, if you're feeling like a plant from Shel Silverstein's wacky mind, you can give your Japanese grammar knowledge out freely to all who want and need it. Reading Post Japanese reading practice, requests for help regarding reading, or offer advice on reading. Start a book club! If it has to do with reading Japanese, this is a good place for your post.
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