Add a WaniKani forum subcategory for general discussion


I wanted to create a topic asking what people’s fastest WaniKani levels were, and I realized that there’s not really a great place to put this topic. If someone has a suggestion where topics like that should go, fine. But it might make sense to either add a “General” subcategory or allow topics to be created in the top WaniKani category without selecting a subcategory.

Campfire subcategories?

But we already have a general topics -category. Just go post in Campfire.

If you hover your mouse over the small campfire link (with the orange square and the lock next to it), you’ll see it has a description:

"This is the “general topics” category. The “water cooler”, if you will. If the conversation doesn’t fit in any of the other categories, or you just want to talk about some random topic, do it here. Just be sure to stay awhile, and listen.

There’s even a pinned post about it with the exact same description as the one I quoted.


Seems weird to not put it in the WaniKani category since it’s specific to WaniKani.


I’ve kinda felt similarly. Like both WaniKani and Japanese should have a “general” category.
Sometimes things don’t quite fit right into the subcategories, and it seems silly to move them to Campfire because of that.

For example, if you have a Japanese post that involves grammar, kanji, speaking, and listening, which do you put it in? If it has both questions and resources, which do you put it in? Etc, etc. Having to shove it into one when you feel like it could belong in several, or aren’t sure it belongs in any one specific one is awkward…

I think it leads to more WK and Japanese posts being shoved into Campfire because of the specificity and limitations of subcategories.
I also think it could cause people not to post at all… but that’s just a thought. (Not to post at all only if they feel it’s “general”, that is.)


That’s why I haven’t posted the topic I described in my initial post. It feels weird to put it anywhere other than a WaniKani “general” section, so I just haven’t posted it.


@viet any thoughts on adding a “General” subcategory to WaniKani and/or Japanese?
*crosses fingers *


“Talk about all things WaniKani. How did your most recent review go in GIF form? Or, what do you hate the most about WaniKani? Is it how slow the reviews are in the beginning? Anything that has to do with the WaniKani product, system, method, website, etc., can and should be talked about here.”

Seems pretty obvious where to put it, just none of the sub “tags” make sense. Not sure how important any of those tags really are.


@Kristen Any thoughts on this?


We’re discussing some options. No decisions yet though~


I’ve felt the same for a while…
Then I decided to ask my grammar question in the grammar section…

But yeah, some of the more general WK stuff certainly has no where to go.

Hmm… Well, at least they’re discussing it. : D


Users can now post in WaniKani and Japanese Language without a subcategory requirement. However! Mods will move posts they see that should be nested within subcategories and are put in the general section. So please try to keep things organized still. :slight_smile:


Love it! That sounds perfect, Kristen! Thank you so much. :slight_smile:


Great, thanks Kristen!


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