eBook Japan when not in Japan

So, I set up a Japanese Apple ID today (honestly, this shouldn’t be that difficult) so I could download the ebook Japan app- but when I went to make an account (Yahoo ID) it requires a phone number to register and it isn’t taking my American number. Anyone know of a workaround?

People are known to use a (not sure how) random Japanese phone number.

I think at some point the program is going to notice you’re not actually in Japan, though. By IP adress, I presume, so ebook purchases might still be blocked, even with a Japanese address and phone number.

I bought books from ebook japan just fine from my country without doing anything special. But i think i bought from the web browser store. It still appears in my app when i log into my account.
I did merge the old ebook japan account with my yahoo japan one when yahoo merged with ebook japan, so maybe thats why i cant remember putting a number.

Yeah, it seems a lot of people already had an account before the merger, so they didn’t have to deal with this hurdle.

@Saida I don’t think it cares much about IP; at the very least it was happy to let me try and sign up from where I am. But a VPN could easily get around something like that, anyway. I dunno how to get around phone number checks, because if I use a random number I can’t see whatever codes are sent to it. :confused:

There’s lots of cases where they want a phone number, but then never actually do anything with it. I would say it’s worth a try?

I went with bookwalker in the grounds that it was the least hassle to get everything working…

A quick heads up: at least with bookwalker, I’ve noticed that it’s cheaper to buy off the website rather than through the app (I assume they just add Apple’s cut straight on to the price). Haven’t tried the other stores, but something to look out for.


Yeah, I use Bookwalker and its great, but there’s some stuff I wanna read that’s only on ebook. Oh well, it is what it is.

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It is a small amount pricier in the App, but not 30% more. Usually the difference is less than 100 yen. I actually only buy through the App because then I don’t have to give my payment card information, and also avoid getting sucked into that horrible point system. I dont buy many books there, however.


I switched to Bookwalker.jp as well when my Amazon.co.jp account stopped working. The reading app isn’t as good but the process is pretty much hassle free. Plus, navigating the website in Japanese is good practice anyway.

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Can I ask what happened that your Amazon.co.jp account stopped working?

Dunno. Things were working fine and then they started declining my orders. So I still have the books I already bought but I can’t buy anymore.

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