YahooJP ID with Japanese phone number

I got an email from YahooJP saying that I need to register a phone number that I can use in case I forgot my password and they will send the authentication code to that registered mobile number. (By the way, I am using my YahooJP ID for ebookjapan purchases - I have lots of manga there so I really don’t want to lose my account.) Since I don’t live in Japan, it’s impossible to get a Japanese phone number. For now, I just chose the option of receiving the authentication code using my other emails, but I am just worried that they might just require a phone number in every transaction. Has anyone with YahooJP account (living outside Japan) received this email as well? What did you do with the SMS authentication requirement?

Thank you!

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I don’t know how to help you, but if anyone knows how to create a YahooJP ID without a Japanese phone number I would be interested to find out


Just to add some bad news. When I wanted to get a Japanese sim card, I had to prove that I lived at a Japanese address specifically (not a hotel or anything). This is mostly because Japanese sim cards use a unique frequency, which makes it quite valuable to some people (for some reason). So I think the only thing we can do is hope that they won’t require any phone numbers in the future.


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