Yahoo Japan Account?

Is there any easy way to get a Yahoo Japan account, without trying to fake the system? Seems like the answer is no- and then you are not able to use EbookJapan?

EbookJapan (I am on a Mac laptop). the browsers lets you zoom in much more than the BookLive browser. I need this as a beginner trying to read small kanji and furigana.

If there is free simple way around it, let me know. Thanks for any help.

Sorry to repeat, but just wanted to make sure the answer is no, earlier threads did not have a strong “not possible or no”. but no yes answer either. Being hopeful!


I think you have to have a VPN. In general, for sites that sell you some kind of product, there are annoying laws with international trade/international license holders which aren’t well suited for the 21st century. Things are getting better, but they are still frustrating to deal with.


Thanks for the reply. I was reading, and the ways around it are more than what I want to do.
Getting a Japanese SIM card or a temporary Japanese “burner” phone for the number. Agreed, there should be a way to access info, for learning. I guess people running business scams mess it up, and hurdles get put up to protect businesses.

I had been trying to figure out the same thing with no such luck. EbookJapan used to allow you to sign up and do everything really easily, but since they converted to the new site I’ve had to give it up. It’s really sad too since I had gotten a fair amount of books there and I prefer using as few libraries as possible.

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