Doki Doki Literature Club - Game Club (Week 1)

Maybe it just has problems with the DDLC font/rendering. Have you tried moving your mouse around the word a bit? Sometimes there’s a certain position that works best.

No, it seems like it doesn’t work at all. I have no idea what the problem is. Does it work fine for you?

Maybe you could try Hook Any Text, which is a plugin for Cheat Engine? I don’t know anything about these tools, but it seems that Cheat Engine has a download option for Mac.

But I think these tools only help with extracting the text to the clipboard. I haven’t looked for any Chiitrans Lite alternatives yet.

Nope, KanjiTomo doesn’t work well with DDLC for me.

However, i extracted the japanese script to text files:

alternative zipped version

These are all the game’s script files from the Japanese translation. Not all of them are useful, but for example script-ch0.txt is actually the text of the beginning of the game.
For the poem sections it may be tricky, because they don’t have a straight script, but the chapter text should work i hope.

It should be relatively comfortable to keep the text file open in another window side by side and scroll along with the game.
You can just open the text files in the browser right from Dropbox, so you can use e.g. Yomichan to get dictionary definitions by holding shift and hovering over the text.


That’s very useful, thank you.

For the poems, theres going to be a lot of words that even a lot of English speakers aren’t completely sure about. For example: effulgent, entropy, vivacious, etc. All I’m saying is that maybe we won’t really need to know these words, anyway. Especially at my level, I will probably just skip through these words.

On a side note, who are we focusing on when we write our poem? Based on the words you choose in your poem, you will be able to take one of 3 routes later on (Sayori, Yuri or Natsuki). Should we all follow one path or should we just do whatever we like?

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True, you don’t really need to understand the words of the poems.
I’d say it would be helpful if many of us decide on the same path, then we can discuss the same Japanese sentences. Most of us have probably played this through with one or all characters in English anyways. Let’s do a poll :smiley:

Who should we focus on for poems etc.?

  • Sayori
  • Yuri
  • Natsuki

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of course you can choose another option in your playthrough if you wish.


Noo, what are you talking about… :eyes:
I also think we should decide on the same path! Would be easier this way. I think I liked Natsuki’s path the most.
Btw, I did not start the game yet (will do so tomorrow, probably) but reading through this thread confused me a bit… so many programs I have to download :c (I’m not even sure how to download the Japanese version, I saw the link to the mod but all the instructions are in Japanese :laughing: Anyway, if I fail to download the game tomorrow, I will ask you guys here)


I wrote english installation instructions to get DDLC in Japanese here:

Using Textractor+Chiitrans Lite will be the most comfortable setup, it’s just not so easy to set up and apparently Textractor only works on Windows.
It will be like having Yomichan for the Browser (can hover over words to get definitions)
Instructions here:

Or you can read the script text files in the browser of course. It’s not nearly as comfortable though.

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Thank you so much! This sure helps a lot! :slight_smile:
Did you all already start? How far are you in?

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Currently I didn’t even get to school yet :sweat_smile:

I would recommend not doing what I’m doing though, which is looking up nearly every single word. I just find that I learn best this way.

Edit: Literally just got to school. Been playing for about 20 min.


I think most people didn’t start yet, and there’s still plenty time.
I started, read maybe a couple dozen lines, about halfway to meeting the second character (=
also not in school yet ^^


But I’m sure it’s fun c: kay, I’ll try to catch up tomorrow! (The first part of the game is soo long though, I’m not sure how much time I’ll need.)

I do that, too :sweat_smile: While reading I often realize that I don’t even struggle with grammar but with vocabulary… I add wayy too many new words to Anki.

Yay :eyes: Have fun playing the game, I’ll go do my reviews now~

:partying_face: Yay, you’ll join the literature club soon!

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Spoilers! There’s a literature club in Doki Doki Literature Club? :wink:


This is a useful phrase:

(二の句 means another word/answer here)

from this scene (slight character spoiler i guess). love it ^^

translation: This sight left me at a loss for words.

(if you haven’t been there, it’s right after you enter the second room, the club room)

So far i love using Textractor + Chiitrans Lite, it’s basically like reading the text in the browser, and you don’t even need to hold shift while hovering over text to see word definitions.
I don’t understand everything, but with looking up words, i get the gist of most of it. It’s a lot of fun (=


I guess ill be the first one to ask a question. I don’t think it spoils anything so I won’t hide anything.

I get the gist of the sentence, but I have two questions.

The 送れれば is a modification 送る, right? But, if its in ば-form shouldn’t it just be 送れば?

Also, can someone explain the use/meaning of 節 here? I’ve never seen that before.

I took it as the ば form of the potential form of the verb. A る-ending godan verb, so る becomes れる. The potential form then takes conjugations like an ichidan verb, so れれば.

I assumed it’s the 節がある construction - the fourth example on jisho. Weblio definition here.


Oh my god I made it to school.

This is really hammering in that I need to read more. There’s definitely kanji I know and words I’ve burned that I can’t quite recall. Most of the time I get a general feeling of what it means, but there’s a lot of difference between ‘to follow’ and ‘to catch up’…


I have a problem with ChiitransLite ^^" I managed to download the game and have it in Japanese now. I also managed to download textractor but my anti-virus software is telling me ChiitransLite’s a virus :grimacing: I’m quite careful when it comes to that, so is there any other setup I could try out? (Or did you get the warning, too, and it’s actually just a false alarm?)


That was the case for me when I was looking into those pieces of software. I had to white-list it. Haven’t seen any of my private files online yet. :wink:


anti-virus software says everything is a virus. I recommend deinstalling your anti-virus software ^^

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