Doki Doki Literature Club - Game Club (Week 4)

Welcome to Week 4 of DDLC!

Download links, how to install the Japanese mod, and extra important information:

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Reading Schedule

Reading Schedule

Week Start Date Event
Week 1 January 18th End of Day 1
Week 2 January 25th Halfway through Day 2 - Show your poem to any two girls (out of 4)
Week 3 February 1st End of Day 2
Week 4 February 8th Halfway through Day 3 - Show your poem to any two girls (out of 4)
Week 5 February 15th End of Day 3

Discussion Rules

  • Since this is a visual novel and we can’t take text directly out of the game, please take screenshots if you want to ask any questions.
  • Alternatively, download an OSR program like KanjiTomo or Textractor to take text directly out of the game.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions! We are all here to learn, and many of us, if not all, would be happy to help out.
  • Please use spoiler tags for major events and any content in the future.
  • Don’t just lurk, please participate! The more the merrier :grin: