Doki Doki Literature Club - Game Club (Week 1)

Welcome to Week 1 of DDLC!

Download links, how to install the Japanese mod, and extra important information:

Doki Doki Literature Club Home Thread

Week 1
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Reading Schedule

Week Start Date Event
Week 1 January 18th End of Day 1
Week 2 January 25th Halfway through Day 2 - Show your poem to any two girls (out of 4)
Week 3 February 1st End of Day 2
Week 4 February 8th Halfway through Day 3 - Show your poem to any two girls (out of 4)
Week 5 February 15th End of Day 3

Discussion Rules

  • Since this is a visual novel and we can’t take text directly out of the game, please take screenshots if you want to ask any questions.
  • Alternatively, download an OSR program like KanjiTomo or Textractor to take text directly out of the game.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions! We are all here to learn, and many of us, if not all, would be happy to help out.
  • Please use spoiler tags for major events and any content in the future.
  • Don’t just lurk, please participate! The more the merrier :grin:

Are you planning on participating?

  • Yes
  • Yes, but I will start later
  • No

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I’ll probably start today, because i’ll be busy during the week. Looking forward to this!

Btw the home thread link goes to the absolute beginner book club reading Kitty Detectives, which is also nice, but here’s the real home thread.


I don’t know how that happened, lol (I don’t even remember opening that link even once)

I changed it now though. :+1:

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Let’s go :relaxed:


It’s hard to resist the kitties :wink:


I can understand everything thats on there o.o maybe it is finally time for me to join in? I have no idea. Is it beginner friendly? Any idea what level of japanese will be in there?


Hmm, though the in-game dialogue will often be more difficult. I think it could be doable on level 17, but you’ll have to look up a decent amount of Kanji. You can use a tool like KanjiTomo or multiple radical lookup to look up unfamiliar Kanji, links here.
You could of course also just ignore some parts you don’t understand, not all dialogue is relevant.
But this being a game without japanese audio makes things harder to look up, so if it ends up being frustrating, it may be better to go for a traditional book club, like Yotsubato (and read that on bilingualmanga).

Here’s an impression of using KanjiTomo (i’ve just started using it too though):

Unfortunately it’s not always so easy to make it detect kanji and compounds.

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I remember playing that game some two years ago… it scared the s*** out of me and I still have PTSD from just listening to the theme song. Never could finish the game.

But hey, good luck to all of you willing to try it out! :sweat_smile:


Alternatively, you could use Textractor to directly extract the text from the game, which is probably more reliable than optical character recognition.

Textractor can automatically copy the current line from the VN to the clipboard, and if you want you can use the TL Window of Chiitrans Lite to display the text from the clipboard, where you can point at words to get the dictionary entry:


That looks like really useful tools, didn’t know about them, thanks a lot!
KanjiTomo is still useful for things like emulated games (SNES, PS2) or when Textractor doesn’t work though. But Textractor+ChiitransLite looks like a great setup.

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Managed to get Textractor+ChiitransLite to work, but it certainly wasn’t easy :sweat_smile:
Here’s a guide for everyone to get it set up (Windows only):
ChiitransLite download
Textractor download

  • Start Textractor x86 version, always click close on the Regex thing window.
    The x64 version of Textractor didn’t work, couldn’t find hooks
  • Select attach to game → choose DDLC.exe (the game has to be running already, preferably with a game started/loaded and dialogue on screen)
  • You have to select the one of the Renpy windows in the Textractor dropdown menu, second one for me, after you’ve clicked around a bit in DDLC to make sure the right Renpy window shows up.
  • Maybe remove Bing translate from extensions (click extensions, click Bing, press Delete on keyboard)
  • Open Chiitrans Lite, ignore Atlus translation stuff, do this:

    (click capture window button, click your second Textractor window that has the text, click TL Window. You don’t need to click Connect.)
  • If this doesn’t work, try going to Chiitrans main window → Options → Capture text from Clipboard → Okay
  • Get temporarily banned from machine translation because you clicked too much in DDLC
If everything went as planned, your screen should look something like this

you can minimize everything but the Chiitrans Lite TL Window and DDLC window afterwardsː

In ChiitransLite you can check words by hovering over them:

Also, Textractor copies the text to clipboard of course, so you can paste it into or something.


Sorry, I wasn’t online and didn’t see that you were having trouble setting up Textractor+Chiitrans Lite. You are correct that you have to use the x86 version of Textractor. But I think the Chiitrans Lite setup might be better like this:

  1. click “Options”
  2. enable “Capture text from Clipboard” (turns orange)
  3. open the “TL Window”
    (so you don’t have to bother with the big “Connect” button)
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Ah yes, no problem, thanks! I actually did click on “Capture text from Clipbard”, but just clicked on Connect etc. afterwards, didn’t know you can just click on the “TL Window”. This is easier of course (=

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I might get a late start because I never saw the home thread and didn’t know this was actually happening, but I’m here now!

So is it that people are taking this week (Jan 18 to Jan 26) to play the game up until End of Day 1, and then starting on the 26th people participating begin playing beyond that point? Just want to make sure I understand the timing.

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Yes, exactly! That’s the schedule. You can continue discussing in each week’s thread after that of course. Still plenty of time!

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Is there anything like KanjiTomo or Textractor for Mac? They don’t seem to support Mac OS, and that’s the only OS I have.

Actually, if you choose the second TextTrans window from Chiitrans instead of using the clipboard, you can change the clipboard without Chiitrans losing the sentence, which can be helpful when you want to copy a part of the sentence to look it up somewhere.

KanjiTomo should work on Mac, it’s a Java program. You just need to install Java. But maybe it doesn’t work on Mac. I’m afraid the games/anime scene is mostly on Windows ^^

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Downloaded it, but it doesn’t work well at all, and I’m not sure why. I tried it in NHK News and it detected words easily, but with DDLC it couldn’t even figure out words like 女の子. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?