Doki Doki Literature Club - Game Club (Week 1)

Thanks for the fast reply! I’ll white-list it, too, then. Well, I hope it stays that way for you :laughing:
I tried reading the first sentence and ooh hell no, I’m not looking up all those kanji one by one! :joy:


That’s the first time it ever happened to me though, so I was a bit scared :caught_durtling:
I’ll just white-list it ^^


@Sosogami make sure you study and get plenty of sleeeeeeep :ghost:

-Ben the reminding ghost


by the way, you can view the source code of Chiitrans Lite online (it’s open-source), so it’s very unlikely it’s malware.

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lol, what is sleep? :eyes:

@Saimin thank you, I’m relieved now!
It’s super late now tho, I’ll start playing tomorrow then :cry:


Uhm, if I’m being honest, I have no idea how to do this ;-; Do you have discord? Then I wouldn’t have to spam this thread because I can’t even set up a program :laughing:

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Sure! You can find me here (unofficial channel):

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I came late to the party, but I just downloaded the Japanese patch (didn’t even know this game had a Japanese translation, lol) and I’ll catch up with you guys later. It was a… great experience playing this game (when we finished I’d love to make a post explaining why) and I’m looking forward to re-playing it, possibly practicing Japanese a bit :smiley:


By the way, what do you guys think of the pace? Honestly, I don’t think I would mind slowing it down just a little bit. It’s a little hard because this is a game and the days are long, but maybe we can coordinate something. I personally still haven’t finished day 1 (close, but not done yet)

  • Slow down
  • Fine as it is
  • Speed up

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Keep in mind that the first week ends on a Saturday, so there’s still half a weekend to finish day one, and of course you can always join the discussion later.
So i’d say slowing down isn’t completely necessary. But if you want to, that’s fine too (=

I’ve never played this game before which means I don’t know how much I have left until the end of day 1. Can I finish it this week? Who knows! Time to get back to it…

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Hoping to finish soon but I have no sense of how much is left in Day 1. If I’m in a conversation during the club meeting, where Yuri is telling me about how she likes fantasy I think? am I getting close to the end of the day? I was determined to sit down and finish it tonight but I noticed that after a length of nonstop reading my brain gets too tired and I stop actually taking anything in.


My JetPens order came yesterday and now all my notes are color coded by type of note: new vocabulary, verb forms, full sentences to look at in detail, and things to ask about/look up later. It’s amazing. If you want to handwrite kanji with high stroke counts in pretty colors I highly recommend a hi-tec-c coleto!

You are about 80% in, I think.

See, that’s what I was saying, maybe the “chunks” that we do per week are a little too big.

Week 2 thread is up:

Day 2 is considerably longer than Day 1. Because of this, I have decided that we will split it up into 2 (about) equal segments. By the end of the week, we need to show our poems to two girls (any is fine). This way, some people that are behind can catch up and we can get though some of the poems (which are bound to be a little hard).

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Sounds good! Keep in mind that week 1 is still officially running the whole day, and you can join each week’s discussion thread any time at your own progress.

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Alright! I’m going through my screenshots from Week 1 and pulling out anything I still have questions about… Help is appreciated!

Events from the morning

What is the っとけ? I read that it could be a contraction for ~ておく, which I need to read up on, but I’m curious if anyone can confirm that. And I’m not sure how that would play out in this sentence…

Every time I tried to read this my eyes just glazed over… Something like “You might think life is good now/you seem like you’re having fun now, but you’ll be sorry when you’re living in the real world as a friendless NEET without me!” ? Is the last part Sayori expressing dismay at the possibility of that happening (“I would totally die if…!”)

Events from the meeting

No screencap of this :frowning: but I did write down “Meaning of 冗談交じり?” in my notes. The sentence in question was "冗談交じりに呟く”. I was thinking maybe mixed as in muddled, like an unsuccessful joke? More insight appreciated!

Most of the other stuff that I screencapped, I decided that I understood well enough that I didn’t want to bother asking about it. Overall my biggest problem was just looking up tons of words… Looking forward to level 60 when I can shift my SRS focus to vocabulary :wink:

Not too much to say about the actual game itself yet since that portion of gameplay was so introductory. I totally already have a favorite girl. Nervous to see what happens to these ladies…

during the last bit...

Not sure if this is week 1 or 2 but when picking words, I was going for Natsuki and that made the word choice section so easy :laughing: Instead of big fancy words I just picked ピョンピョン・ピカピカ・ネズミ・ネコ and saved myself a lot of reading…


Since no one answered so far, I guess I’ll throw in my two cents.

I’m not saying I’m right, because I’m having a hard time finding a very concrete confirmation I can link you to, but I was under the impression it’s the potential form of ておく, indeed in its contracted form.

ておく is sometimes hard to give a place in English translations, as I understand it. I took the line to mean something like “You just say anything, Sayori.” To go with the bad English translation that hopefully makes the Japanese usage clearer: you’re able to say anything and leave it said.

Yep. :slight_smile:

今は = now (as the topic of the sentence)
楽しくやっているみたい = seems like you’re doing fun things
だけど = however
数年後 = years later
世間に馴染めずニートになっている姿を想像するだけで = just by imagining you becoming a NEET that’s not accustomed to society
わたしは死んじゃいそう = it’s like I will die

I really appreciate the nominative properties of something like 姿 in sentences like that. Makes them easier to parse.

Hmmm~ More difficult sans the screenshot to remind me when it was exactly, but I’m pretty sure I remember this line. I took it as something along the lines of “muttered half-jokingly.” Mutterings that are mingled with a joke.


Forgot to mention I was also thinking of the potential form of ておく in my original post, so we were on the same page :slight_smile: The two examples you gave help a lot.

Thanks for the breakdown! I’m really interested in translation so sometimes I just can’t let something go until I can come up with an acceptable English equivalent.