Doki Doki Literature Club - Game Club (Week 1)

Managed to get Textractor+ChiitransLite to work, but it certainly wasn’t easy :sweat_smile:
Here’s a guide for everyone to get it set up (Windows only):
ChiitransLite download
Textractor download

  • Start Textractor x86 version, always click close on the Regex thing window.
    The x64 version of Textractor didn’t work, couldn’t find hooks
  • Select attach to game → choose DDLC.exe (the game has to be running already, preferably with a game started/loaded and dialogue on screen)
  • You have to select the one of the Renpy windows in the Textractor dropdown menu, second one for me, after you’ve clicked around a bit in DDLC to make sure the right Renpy window shows up.
  • Maybe remove Bing translate from extensions (click extensions, click Bing, press Delete on keyboard)
  • Open Chiitrans Lite, ignore Atlus translation stuff, do this:

    (click capture window button, click your second Textractor window that has the text, click TL Window. You don’t need to click Connect.)
  • If this doesn’t work, try going to Chiitrans main window → Options → Capture text from Clipboard → Okay
  • Get temporarily banned from machine translation because you clicked too much in DDLC
If everything went as planned, your screen should look something like this

you can minimize everything but the Chiitrans Lite TL Window and DDLC window afterwardsː

In ChiitransLite you can check words by hovering over them:

Also, Textractor copies the text to clipboard of course, so you can paste it into or something.