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Welcome to Week 2 of DDLC!

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Reading Schedule

Week Start Date Event
Week 1 January 18th End of Day 1
Week 2 January 25th Halfway through Day 2 - Show your poem to any two girls (out of 4)
Week 3 February 1st End of Day 2
Week 4 February 8th Halfway through Day 3 - Show your poem to any two girls (out of 4)
Week 5 February 15th End of Day 3

Discussion Rules

  • Since this is a visual novel and we can’t take text directly out of the game, please take screenshots if you want to ask any questions.
  • Alternatively, download an OSR program like KanjiTomo or Textractor to take text directly out of the game.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions! We are all here to learn, and many of us, if not all, would be happy to help out.
  • Please use spoiler tags for major events and any content in the future.
  • Don’t just lurk, please participate! The more the merrier :grin:

Getting a late start, but I’m getting into Week 2 now! How’s it going for everyone?

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I just started what I’m supposed to do in Week 2… I got a little held up because of my grade 12 diploma exams, but I should be on track soon.

Not much discussion this week, I’m not too sure why.

Nevertheless, we’ll go on with week 3, where we have to play until the end of day 2.

Remember, although we are moving on, if anyone has questions they are still welcome to use this thread to ask any questions. :+1:


Couple questions (I’m putting both the Japanese and English version so its easier to understand what is being implied here. I don’t usually switch languages unless I’m 100% confused.)

I get the general meaning here, but I want to clarify some grammar here, even though its minor.

What does the の do between やらない and なら? Isn’t saying やらないなら good enough?

Also, can someone please break down the second clause here? Specifically the end, I don’t really understand what なさい form is doing here? The も and そう also seem weird to me.

Could someone explain the use of 割 here?

Just having trouble with the second clause. Could someone break this down please? I think this might be an expression, which might be causing some confusion.

According to “A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar”: なら (abbreviation of ならば) is the conditional form of the copula だ. Therefore it requires a noun. The の nominalizes the 真面目にやらない. However, the の is optional in modern Japanese.

ここで過ごす時間: the time spent here
もそう長くない: also not that long
と思いなさい: ~なさい is the polite imperative used by superiors

If you don’t take us seriously, think of your time spent here as also not being that long.

割に means “comparatively”.どちらともつかずの言葉を発しようとしている。&r=kana
The correct one is not the first but the second guess on (click on the sentence below the submit field and select the second guess).
In short: どちらとも = both
つかず = negative form of つく (probably 付く with the meaning “to be settled”)


Finally done with Week 2 content! I chose Natsuki and Sayori for my first two readers, kinda scared to read Yuri’s poem because I’m assuming it’ll be the most complex one.

No questions as of right now, mostly I’m just running into vocabulary issues and then when I look words up it makes sense. It’s a lot easier than if I was having trouble with grammar so I’ll take it :sweat_smile: When I do run into problems with grammar, I write down the sentence in my notebook to ask about later in addition to taking a screenshot. Half the time I’ll figure out the issue while I’m doing that extra step.

To those who’ve played before: Do you get a scene with a specific girl (during the meeting, before reading poems) based on who currently likes you the most? I’m going all in for Natsuki and it was cute.

Time to keep going and read two more poems… I just have the game running in the background playing the music on a loop, possibly torturing my partner :rofl:

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Yes, at Day 4 (I think), you get a scene with the girl you focused on most in your poems. Ill be going for Yuri because she’s the best girl, and you can’t say otherwise :grin: