Doki Doki Literature Club - Game Club (Week 1)

Hmm, though the in-game dialogue will often be more difficult. I think it could be doable on level 17, but you’ll have to look up a decent amount of Kanji. You can use a tool like KanjiTomo or multiple radical lookup to look up unfamiliar Kanji, links here.
You could of course also just ignore some parts you don’t understand, not all dialogue is relevant.
But this being a game without japanese audio makes things harder to look up, so if it ends up being frustrating, it may be better to go for a traditional book club, like Yotsubato (and read that on bilingualmanga).

Here’s an impression of using KanjiTomo (i’ve just started using it too though):

Unfortunately it’s not always so easy to make it detect kanji and compounds.

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