Interest in "reading" games?

starting a visual novel/game club on WK could be nice!
There’s already discussion about starting a DDLC game club, though the game isn’t for everyone:

I personally was looking into trying Amagami for PS2, which also has a nice and very similar anime adaptation, but it could be hard to get.

Other candidates would be VNs with japanese language on Steam, like Nekopara.

There’s a discussion about tools to help you look up Kanji in games etc:

Most people seem to use radical look up in dictionaries, some form of multi-radical lookup, or KanjiTomo for anything on your windows screen.

Also, you can use google translate in the camera mode → scan to look up the kanji you see,
though it can be cumbersome to look them up from your phone or get that text to your PC.

Of course Google’s translation isn’t necessarily good, but the kanji recognition seems decent.