How do I determine which kanji will unlock first when I level up?

Edit: I made a simple web/tool where you check what kanji will be locked / unlocked:

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I want to pre-study half of the next level’s kanji before I level up. But I don’t know which kanji will be unlocked first. Is there any way to determine which kanij will be unlocked immediately upon leveling up?

First, I tried looking at the WaniKani / Kanji page, but the order seems to be random

Next, I looked in the API docs and found that each subject (kanji) has a lesson_position property. I thought this had to be what determines the order in which kanji are unlocked, but as it turns out, its not. I wrote a python script that lists the kanji with its associated lesson_position

<code> python script
# script to display kanji lesson order
# edit these variables
API_KEY = "paste here"

import requests

# fetches data
url = f"{LEVEL}&types=kanji"

headers = {'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + API_KEY}

resp = requests.get(url=url, headers=headers)
json_data = resp.json()

for data in json_data["data"]:
  data = data["data"]
  print(data["characters"], data["lesson_position"])

note: it starts at 14 because there are 13 radicals in this level prior to the kanji

This is what I really have unlocked right now. Notice how the medicine kanji 医 is still locked for me, but its showing up as 5th in the lesson_position . This makes no sense…

The 医 kanji is locked because you have not guru’d the cage radical


Aah, that makes sense. So to determine which kanji will not be locked, I would have to go through each kanji and check that its not using any new radicals?

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Check that it’s not using any un-guru’d radicals


Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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For anyone interested, I made a simple web/tool where you check what kanji will be unlocked & locked immediately upon leveling up (assuming you guru-ed all your previous radicals)


Thanks for this! I just started doing the same thing.

E: Waaa … 28 unlocks on level 19? o.o

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