Doesn't work when I press enter for answering


does anyone else have a problem when they hit "
enter" nothing happens when answering the questions.

Any solution?


API issues. Tofugu is probably currently hard on resolving the issues. Try disabling userscripts, then you may still be able to do your reviews.


In addition to what marciska said, if you are using the Double-Check script, please update to the latest version. Both WK and Double-Check had an update a few days ago, and one of the side-effects if Double-Check doesn’t get updated on your browser is that the answer doesn’t show the pass/fail colors.


Thanks a lot!

I fixed it I think by turning off and then on all the scripts and seeing if there were any updates on the scripts. It looks like my double check script was updated, so that was likely the problem. It works now.

Thank you!!

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