I think something is terribly wrong with my scripts

I didn’t get to use my computer since I was away from home for 2 months. When I came back and tried to the some WaniKani reviews, I realized like every 4 cards WaniKani just bugs out and I can’t really enter any answers when it happens; then it just refreshes. The problem goes away when I disable the scripts.

Here’s an image with all my scripts (using TamperMonkey):

I thought maybe a script became obsolete or got an update that I have to install if I don’t want to break things.

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You should update all of your scripts, but especially Double-Check, which is at v2.3.4 now due to some changes on WK a few months ago. It will affect reviews.


To pile on what rfindley said, there were many change to WK code recently and a lot of scripts had to adapt. It is important to make sure you have the most up to date versions of your scripts.


I ran an update and it updated the Double-Check and Niai Similar Kanji scripts, but I still get the same problem. I also realized that if I disable Double-Check, the problem goes away, but I still need it because of lightning mode. Is there anything I can do here to make it work.

Also, this is how it looks like when I get into that weird state. The whole wanikani review page turns white, and when I type something and press enter, it just refreshes the page:

Try disabling as many scripts as you can to see if Double-Check still has problems. Maybe especially Prioritize Overdue Reviews since I assume that modifies the review queue. I’m not very familiar with script interactions, but I suspect that’s what is happening since I haven’t seen any other reports of similar behavior for Double-Check.


I tried this, and realized the issue was indeed with the “Wanikani Prioritize Overdue Reviews” plugin. Instead of this, I installed the “Reorder Omega” plugin, and now everything’s working fine. Thanks!