Correct answer isn't show up as green

any help with this? i’ve restarted firefox, disabled stylish, and cleared cache entirely. still nothing.


Still nothing, you’re not alone, I was waiting for some to post about it : P

That happened to me too this morning and it randomly started working again. I don’t know what happened.

had the same issue as you

updated both double check script to 3.1.7 and wanikani framework on tampermonkey seems to resolve the problem


Yes, thank you, it was working for me normally when I reviewed 7 hours ago. Now I went to do my night time reviews and I had the same issue.
I turned off some scripts - no changes. I ended up switching to Flaming durtles because I needed to get it done quickly.

This worked for me. Thank you!

The Answer Checker during review session was updated (see here), so the bug appears because of outdated userscripts. The DoubleCheck-script and WKOF already received an update before the change went live, so please update them and it should be gone :slight_smile:


you’re so right.

marked as solution.

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