Does Wanikani teach you to draw kanji?

I have not done Wanikani enough to know if it teaches how to draw kanji or not. If not, are there any websites/applications or the like to teach me how to draw the kanji?

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Wanikani does not teach stroke order, but there are scripts you can install for it.

But Wanikani wasn’t really built for stroke order, so if you really want to get to know it, you’ll either have to be self-motivated with writing practice or use another resource.


Thank you @CheeseSwiftly, this helps lots!

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I don’t have the link right now but there is a WaniKani based Anki deck somewhere that also includes stroke order diagrams. You can then toggle on the scratch pad function in Anki and practice drawing the kanji that way. On the desktop version there is no scratch pad but when you are on a desk, you can just write one (gasp!) paper instead.

I preferred this way over e.g. Skritter which looks nice but I find it expensive and for me it was buggy and the support not responsive.

The only thing you might have to pay for is a obe time fee for Anki for iOS (it is free if you have Android) but since I‘ve been using Anki intensively for 2 years now because it is so flexible, that was money well spent.

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Wk do not teaches or tests your drawing skills but I do write each kanji to differentiate them better.


There are rules to stroke order. Once u remember those, writing isnt very hard

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