Should WaniKani show stroke order on reviews and lessons?

I find it annoying to search the kanji on jisho, but I leave it to the community to debate. :slight_smile:

WaniKani is used for learning to read kanji, rather than write them. There’s been a lot of debate about this, but that’s generally the reason for not providing stroke order here.

There is a script here that adds stroke order to items, if you’d still prefer to study them on here.

They also mention some reasons why they don’t include stroke order in the FAQ.

That FAQ entry even includes a cool guide for how to get good at guessing proper stroke order instead of learning them for each individual kanji.


Just learn the rules; you don’t need to learn stroke order with every kanji.

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You can use my script for animated strokes.

There is also a script that just pulls the images from jisho and adds it to the page.

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