Does everyone here use user scripts?

I once said to @rfindley that I didn’t want to use my time to learn how to install Tampermonkey on Safari (in another thread). I meant I wanted to use more of my time to focus learning Kanji instead of learning technical things (computer thingy) to learn Kanji. I thought installing Tampermonkey on Safari was complicated. I was wrong, not because I didn’t want to use my time to learn something new again, but because I was just tired to learn how to install Tampermonkey on Safari in English. The problem was from my google search result. I read too much about the alternative ways to have Tampermonkey on Safari (from those google search results). And I thought I would never be able to have Tampermonkey on my Safari if it was this complicated. In fact, yesterday, I just clicked the one button to install Tampermonkey on Safari from Tampermonkey site. Et voila! Almost effortlessly. Now I can have user scripts running on Safari and I don’t need to switch to another browser again.

I like your idea. I hope smart people like rflndley and others will make scripts for your idea. I use wkstats to list (and find) a Kanji or a Radical that’s still in Apprentice level below my current level. I don’t know how this would be implemented on WK but it would be cool if I don’t have to leave WK and go to wkstats and just have it all on WK, in regards to exact SRS level display.

I’ve just installed @seanblue’s Show Specific SRS Level in Reviews. But then I realised, after I went to, let’s say this kanji, to check if I have “Guru 2” instead of “current streak x” and “longest streak y”, the title had said “in reviews”, oh well…