What are the most necessary userscripts?

I want to improve my efficiency in WaniKani, and I’ve heard userscripts are a decent way to make WaniKani better. Which userscripts are absolutely important? Thanks for the feedback!

WK ultimate timeline tells you when, how many, and what type of reviews you will get, so that might help you efficency in the level-up speed aspect.

I use the reorder script when I’m in a pinch. Say, I wake up with only a few minutes to devote to WaniKani, and I have 100 reviews piled up. Reorder lets me go in and just review the 5 or 6 radicals I need to stay on track for leveling up. I don’t abuse it, and if I have time to review everything I always do.

By abusing it I mean, you hear stories of people letting their vocab lessons sit untouched for ages, while they keep leveling up with radicals and kanji. That can leave you with a big hole to dig out of.

So is it not recommended to use reorder at all times? EDIT: Nevermind, I see why it can be problematic sometimes.

Yeah, I expanded a bit more. It’s just when you start using it to avoid things, rather than to pinpoint things, that it can get a little sketchy.

Do you know what else is important besides the ultimate timeline and reorder?

Override is good for when you have to teach WaniKani Japanese, lol. Again, easy to abuse this one, because it lets you ignore wrong answers, so people can be tempted to use it too much. I only use it when I need to add a synonym that is 100% acceptable, or when WaniKani is lacking a legitimate reading (nothing you can do about those, there is no “reading synonym” thing).

For instance, こ is not listed for 娘 even though it’s a valid kunyomi reading. If you input こ, WK will mark you wrong, instead of the usual shake for when you say the opposite kanji reading. I use override to not lose my progress for something that was right.

Double check is similar to Override, but it also allows​ you to mark right answer as wrong.

True, although that isn’t so much an efficiency improver as it is an understanding improver, heh.

An example of how you’d use it is when the “fuzzy” answer checking lets you actually input the opposite meaning as correct because the spelling is similar.

For instance, transitive is accepted as an answer for intransitive, and vice versa, because they’re so similar, even though they are exact opposites.

^^^ I’m with these guys. I use Reorder, Override, and Ultimate Timeline.

I mostly reorder lessons so I don’t have to dig through all the new lessons just to clear out the ~5 radicals. I do the radicals and about half of the kanji the day I level up. I rarely reorder reviews but occasionally, as Leebo stated, it’s convenient to be able to review what’s ‘important’ if you have to get out the door fast.

Ultimate timeline is great because you know exactly when you have to be on to do reviews that are necessary for your level so you aren’t frantically checking wanikani every 30 minutes just to send some old vocab/kanji up to enlightened or whatever.

And of course you don’t need a userscript to review your current level’s kanji and radicals, and make sure you clear out your reviews at least 3 times a day.

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The ones listed really are the major ones to use. Other than that I use Dashboard Plus Plus which it expands the “see apprentice radical list” and “see apprentice kanji list”, adds a guide on how far leveled an item is and when it is coming up next.

And like everyone else has said. The reorder script is great but you do have to be careful, during the last level I was a bit busy so I let vocab build up a bit. I leveled today and have 149 lessons to do, which isn’t too bad if I get into them but it’s a demonstration of just how quickly it can start to get away from you.

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I also use a script called wanikani improve. It’s kind of redundant with the other scripts and kind of broken but the important thing is that when you get the answer right you only need to press enter once to get to the next question (instead of twice). It’s just a huge time saver and helps me not double-enter-skip past answers I got wrong.
There might be something that works better than that though. It’s been like a year + since I changed any scripts.

The reorder script is probably the most important though. I use it for lessons or when I have a ton of reviews and need to chip away at them over a few days. It makes sure that the SRS is covering words consistently when there’s too many in the pool.

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i like golden burns

it turns burns into gold instead of black, it makes me feel better about myself :innocent:

I really recommend these two.

  • WaniKani context sentence in review
  • WaniKani part-of-speech – this one’s name is misleading. It is actually Edict external definition frame placer.

You should look up every WaniKani’s words in the dictionary anyway, such as Goo or Alc.

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Not necessary, but I really like Jitai.

It is a font randomizer. It shows each item in one of several different fonts, so you learn to recognize the general form of the kanji instead of the particular font WK uses. (You can mouse over the kanji and see the WK font if you want)

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