Does everyone here use user scripts?

No scripts here, mostly because I use Safari on Mac and the small friction to switch browsers exceeds my desire to do it.

I have popped open the console window and done some one-off stat dumping, which I like. Data nerds, unite! If I were going to install scripts, they would all be stat-related like exact SRS level display, accuracy by SRS level, future workload graph, failed item next review, etc.

The thing I find myself missing in the standard interface the most is: (1) I look at the kanji/progress or vocab/progress page. (2) see some pink ones from prior levels. (3) Wonder when those are due to review again. To find that out, it’s possible, but tedious if there are several. I want a sortable list.

Next highest wish is ‘critical path’: which items can I not fail without pushing the level-up time. That’s just a curiosity thing, though. At first, it’s obvious: I can’t fail any radicals, and it doesn’t matter if I fail kanji. Until, the radicals are guru. After that point I can only fail 10% of the kanji on that level. It would be kind of interesting to make a countdown, I can fail 3 kanji without slowing down my promotion. Now 2. Now I can’t fail any more!

Anyway, not specifically those, maybe, but data-report-related ones I might like. Messing with the SRS, interface, or learning plan/order - not interested.

I use it, but only to fix my terrible typing. I fatfinger stuff a lot.

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I use lots and lots of scripts. However, but if and when I feel like something is negatively affecting my learning I turn it off. By default I have it so I literally can not use ignore on burn items, and that seems to work well enough to curb abuse for me.

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I uh…assumed it meant to boil water…now you have me doubting myself lol

I use the timeline script to see when I should plan some time. And have the the “undo script” installed. However, the latter one I use only if I made a typo but was sure I know the answer.

I always feel I need the vocab to get the kanji under my skin. I don’t use the reorder script. Not sure if it is really so beneficial as some people seem to say…

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Well, you’re indeed correct. But in English, you can also say “to boil vegetables”, for example. The Japanese word doesn’t include this (if my sources didn’t fool me :eyes: ).

Indeed, to cook something by heating it in water is 煮る, but we would also call that “to boil” in English.

Also, with 沸かす, it doesn’t actually have to reach the boiling point. “To heat a bath” is also お風呂を沸かす.


Now that you’ve piqued my curiosity again, I just tried Ultimate Timeline in Firefox. I like it, with the time set to next 125 days. I can see the wave of doom incoming in November :smile:


I once said to @rfindley that I didn’t want to use my time to learn how to install Tampermonkey on Safari (in another thread). I meant I wanted to use more of my time to focus learning Kanji instead of learning technical things (computer thingy) to learn Kanji. I thought installing Tampermonkey on Safari was complicated. I was wrong, not because I didn’t want to use my time to learn something new again, but because I was just tired to learn how to install Tampermonkey on Safari in English. The problem was from my google search result. I read too much about the alternative ways to have Tampermonkey on Safari (from those google search results). And I thought I would never be able to have Tampermonkey on my Safari if it was this complicated. In fact, yesterday, I just clicked the one button to install Tampermonkey on Safari from Tampermonkey site. Et voila! Almost effortlessly. Now I can have user scripts running on Safari and I don’t need to switch to another browser again.

I like your idea. I hope smart people like rflndley and others will make scripts for your idea. I use wkstats to list (and find) a Kanji or a Radical that’s still in Apprentice level below my current level. I don’t know how this would be implemented on WK but it would be cool if I don’t have to leave WK and go to wkstats and just have it all on WK, in regards to exact SRS level display.

I’ve just installed @seanblue’s Show Specific SRS Level in Reviews. But then I realised, after I went to, let’s say this kanji, to check if I have “Guru 2” instead of “current streak x” and “longest streak y”, the title had said “in reviews”, oh well…


I use a script that allows me to mark wrong answers correct so that I can skip pesky radicals (I just keyboard smash and then mark them correct and move right along).

Otherwise, I just use dashboard scripts that help me see future reviews, where current unlocked items are in the SRS timeline, etc. I have one that also shows pitch accent so when I’m doing lessons I can practice proper pronunciation of words and so on, but that’s about it.

Whoa, which one is that?

It’s called “WaniKani Pitch Info”!

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I use a lot of scripts to make my life easier. I sort by SRS level, for example, to always have the vocab lessons with kanji from the earlier level first, because I found that makes sense.

I don’t use any :slight_smile:

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I guess there are lots of people who don’t use scripts (majority of WK users?), because there are many WK users who never visited the forums once. For me the scripts make WK subjectively and objectively better, so why not use them.

I don’t really share the fear of “accidentally burning stuff”, just because it’s on WK is not a commandment to remember a word forever. If something forgotten shows up while reading I just look it up wondering if I saw that word before. In general you have to see words in context and look up their full meanings anyway before they start making sense. Completing WK is just the first step to reading Japanese.


I want to use scripts, but I’m on the developer beta of MacOS, and whenever Safari closes, all user scripts are removed, so it’s a pain having to set them up over and over. Hopefully after the beta it won’t act like that anymore.

Don’t use them. Won’t use them.


I’m technologically illiterate. Don’t know how to use them but probably wouldn’t anyway.


Lesson Reorder is invaluable to me. I do many lessons in a day but maintaining my levelling pace is particularly important because I know so many kanji in the early levels.

Timelines are useful too to have an idea of when I should check back for the big batches. I just like being able to plan my study time.

I also have Ignore installed on all my devices, including enabling it in the apps. I use WK on phone a lot and don’t sync much between devices, so most userscripts, while improvements for sure, aren’t worth the overhead. Being able to correct typos or WK itself, add synonyms / correct quibbles over translations without penalty, etc., is.

My goal isn’t to learn everything perfectly as prescribed by WK itself anyway, I just want to be less held back by my previous lack of kanji recognition relative to everything else so I can read


Ultimate Timeline, Ignore Override and LevelUp Celebrator.

Reordering is for wimps. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: