Does Crabscension promo apply every year?


I subscribed to WaniKani with the CRABSCENSION code last year (so I only paid $44.50,) and it’s about to renew. The promo details in the subscription page says “12 Months (Until January 2020).” But the estimated total below says “44.50 USD / year.” So which is it? :frowning:

Am I still paying $44.50 this year for a year’s worth subscription or will I start paying $89?

Sorry, I hope I was able to word it properly D: Thank you!


I’d recommend emailing them at to ask.

Thank you, I’ll email them now too! But I don’t have too much hope that they’ll be able to reply before my subscription autorenews. I hope someone will be able to help me in the forums!

Oooh, what’s this code? I’m really curious and would like to try that out, because 44.5$ sounds like a steal deal to me.

The promocode CRABSCENSION is not working for me though =(
Is there any prerequisite for this promo code?

Edit: Found something that may help you

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As I was inadvertently summoned, there’s also this from Viet in the same thread:

ETA: Also I’m not sure how good a form it is to publicize their codes like this.


It was the code for last year’s sale. I think it’s already expired. :frowning:
But thank you so much for the link! I didn’t know it might have been a code for textfugu subscribers, and it would say “forever” if the code applied forever. o: Thank you!!

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