Any upcoming promo codes?

So let’s just start off with me stating that I am an extreme tightarse, and try save money anyway that I can.
I’m in a catch 22 (that’s the right number for that saying right? I am also a “dumbidiot”) situation where I have to save money to move to Japan but I need to buy a WaniKani subscription so I can actually speak Japanese when I arrive.
How often do promo codes arise? Many a time I have paid full price for something then 3 days later a promo code is released and I always regret not buying a stress ball after biting all my nails off from “you could have saved X amount of dollars from that if you used that promo code and used those savings to buy more caramel slices” stress.
I have tried using my initiative to make up codes which i’m surprised did not work such as “koichi is the best”, “koichi is extremely handsome (even though I don’t know what he looks like)” and “koichi you the boychi!” (???) but alas am still met with the dreaded “invalid” message.


I don’t think its that common, I think the promo codes were mostly for subscribers to textfugu but no idea if that’s still a thing. Pretty sure the only time they do a promotion is around christmas but can’t tell you how good those discounts are.

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The only promo code I’ve seen is a 50% off around Christmas, but I can’t remember if that was for the subscription or just the lifetime membership.

33% off, and only lifetime. So $200 instead of $300.

That sounds more accurate now that I hear it.

The only promo code that I’m aware of existing is the one from Textfugu (another product from Tofugu).

How much are you willing you spend? There are some tricks to avoid spending too much money on Wanikani. For example, going for the yearly subscription now and then waiting for the Christmas promotion ($100 off lifetime subscription). I can’t guarantee that this promotion will happen though, since the team only confirms it around December But it has happened ever year so…

Also, if you upgrade your subscription at some point (example: yearly to lifetime), they discount the time you have yet to use in the price of your new subscription.

So let’s imagine that you choose yearly now and pay the $90. Around Christmas, they do the promotion I mentioned ($200 lifetime). If you upgrade by then, since you’ll have around 7 months of subscription left, they’ll discount 7 months worth of the yearly sub in the lifetime one. So around $52 also gets discounted (and you get lifetime by around $150).

Again, can’t promise that this Christmas promo will happen. Nevertheless, the yearly sub is the best choice money-wise. There aren’t any other promo codes besides the Textfugu one I mentioned.


Ahem… It is almost Christmas. Any coupons?

I got an email saying there’d be a sale soon, so unless whoever sends out the wanikani emails is lying to me, there will be a sale in a few days(and if they are lying to me… well, that’s too bad, I guess)

Koichi wrote and sent out the emails, so you probably can’t trust it. :wink:

There is, in fact, a sale starting next week.


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