Documentaries or MOOCs in Japanese?

Documentaries & free online courses about history and culture and stuff (Humanities & Social Sciences mostly, but sometimes medical) are other things I love watching besides anime, and I was today years old when I finally put together that that could be another potential avenue of learning Japanese.

So. Does anyone know of a website that supplies documentaries or MOOCs with audio in Japanese? I know Edx & Coursera offer courses with Japanese subtitles, but I’m looking for audio.


If you look hard enough, there actually are a few MOOCs in Japanese on those two platforms. I can’t remember what they are though.

I’ve also found this platform, but I’m not sure if many of these courses are about the topics you’ve mentioned:

At a lower level (academically speaking), you can also watch stuff like NHK for School, which targets Japanese schoolchildren from the primary to high school levels. Some of it is childish, sure, but I have to say that I found the simple explanation of what the Constitution was and why it matters pretty interesting:

And of course, since basically every country in the world prioritises its own history in school, you’ll also have plenty of material on Japanese history.


I suggest searching on Youtube also for 記録映画 and ドキュメンタリー

Will give you interesting stuff like:

I’m sure you can find something you like. :slight_smile:


Some YouTube recommendations:

kurzgesagt started a Japanese channel recently, so that might be worth keeping an eye on.
There‘s also some Japanese Ted talks out there.

I also watch 中田のYouTube大学 sometimes. He summarizes all sorts of 自己啓発本, books about history, other social sciences, etc.


I found this youtube playlist of 38 telementaries in Japanese by AnnNewsCH, which might be TV Asahi News. It’s a neat variety of topics too, and about 30 minutes per video. Turns out searching up テレメンタリー got me way more useful results than other search terms I’ve used.

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