Looking for immersion alternatives (please read my post before commenting)


Trying to keep it concise: I love listening a bit while “chilling” to get some Japanese immersion without actively studying. I was using some slice of life/moe anime for this but today I decided to quit anime because I’m sick of all the pervasive sexualization. I dont watch J-dramas either because of the negativity in it. So, just wondering if people can recommend me some chill stuff with English subs that is not anime. I found a few channels that have Japanese speaking with Eng subs (even foreigners like Kemushi-chan do that stuff a bit), but it’s few and far between and I could benefit from the experience people on these friendly forums have. I already checked out the Listening thread, and I’m not looking for stuff like jpod101 or jlpt listening excercises because that is purely focused on studying and not on let’s say, native natural Japanese for regular, low-key immersion.

Thanks in advance!


Most streaming services have a good selection of Japanese movies. I heard Netflix also has the whole Studio Gibli catalogue if you haven’t watch those animated movies already. You could also try using a VPN service, set it to Japan, and then watch native content or japanese dubs (I’m sure many will offer the original English subtitles).


I’m very much enjoying ‘Midnight Diner’ on Netflix. And also Japanese Style Originator on there too (for a bit of Japanese Culture). You could try those?


Are you exclusively looking for visual media? If not, podcasts in Japanese are a great option.

I also agree Netflix is great. This chrome extension is excellent for scrubbing thru subtitles.


Generalizations eh? Not sure what you’re looking for when finding things to watch, but I can’t say as I have those problems. Plenty of anime and drama that isn’t all sex and negativity.
Also, don’t use the term “Jap”.


The double-subtitles thing sounds interesting, akelsch. I don’t understand enough to just have Japanese subtitles on, but without them I feel I’m not getting the full benefit of them existing! So I might give that a try? Thank you

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Thanks. Any recommended podcasts that are essentially bilingual without being lessons (as described above)? I listen to English-language podcasts about Japan sometimes, but I prefer to practice my Japanese, and totally Japanese media is a far cry for my current skills.

@the rest: thanks, I have blocked Netflix and Amazon Prime for a month due to the anime there, but I know a few non-drama shows and I heard that Ghibli movies are fanservice-safe. Cant use a VPN. Was just hoping people knew about some other stuff. I tried an extension like that recently and it’s kinda nice

Hey there. Seems the issue here isn’t with anime, but the perverted content that anime is so often filled with. I feel ya there. That’s why the only shows that stay in my library are “family friendly” (some have mature subjects but no surprise gore/sexual content.) I realize you said you don’t want Anime, so I apologize if this is in vain, but I truly love it, and hope this list can get you back on the anime track lol.

tl;dr … heres a list of anime that I have personally watched and can vouch for. (I hope I formatted everything right… first post) :slight_smile:

Edit: Since this thread is still quite active, I should mention a few things. First off is many of these anime are using the english translated title so if you cant find ex. “bunny drop” on your platform, google the original title (usagi drop). Also, if anyone is sensitive to blood/monster guts/death, retract One Punch Man, Steins Gate, and Sword Art Online. (One punch is gory but in a very comedic sense, steins gate has many bloody scenes, sword art online is lots of fighting… And people die.) Every other show is very tame in comparison.


78 Shows

[Alice & Zoroku]
[Amagi Brilliant Park]
[Arakawa Under the Bridge]
[Asteroid in Love]
[Astra Lost in Space]
[Bunny Drop]
[Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun]
[Daily Lives of High School Boys]
[From Me To You]
[Golden Time]
[The Great Passage]
[Guilty Crown]
[Hanamaru Kindergarten]
[Hanasaku Iroha]
[Hitoribocchi no Marumaruseikatsu]
[Just Because!]
[Kids on the Slope]
[Kino’s Journey]
[Kono Oto Tomare! Sounds of Life]
[Love Lab]
[Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun]
[My Love Story!!]
[My Roommate Is a Cat]
[My Teen Romantic Comedy: SNAFU]
[Nichijou: My Ordinary Life]
[Nodame Cantabile]
[One Week Friends]
[One-Punch Man]
[Our Love Has Always Been 10 Centimeters Apart.]
[A Place Further Than the Universe]
[Recovery of an MMO Junkie]
[Revue Starlight]
[The Royal Tutor]
[Run with the Wind]
[Sakura Quest]
[Sakurada Reset]
[Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It]
[Senryu Girl]
[Shonen Maid]
[Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju]
[Silver Spoon]
[Sing “Yesterday” for Me]
[Sweetness & Lightning]
[Sword Art Online]
[Tada Never Falls in Love]
[Tanaka Is Always Listless]
[Tari Tari]
[Terror in Resonance]
[Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
[Tsurune: Kazemai High School Kyudo Club]
[Violet Evergarden]
[World Trigger
[Yotsuiro Biyori]
[Your Lie in April]

[Time of Eve: The Movie]
[Patema Inverted]
[The Boy and the Beast]
[The Anthem of the Heart]
[Your Name]
[A Silent Voice]
[Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms]
[Liz and the Blue Bird]
[Hello World]
[A Whisker Away]


Yes, generalizations that I find to be very representative of those mediums. However, I’m not here to discuss such things so please take the arguments elsewhere.
And even though I don’t like your arrogant tone, I only used “Jap” as an abbreviation because I typed it on mobile and momentarily wasnt conscious of the WW2 slur.
Thanks, if you have anything on-topic to add (ergo, the ŕequested advice), feel free to reply, but I wont be replying to your attempt at getting an anime discussion going.


Only if you are outside Japan :frowning_face:

This is mostly quite good, thanks for sharing your personal list. “A Whisker Away” is something I watched and had absolutely no issues with. I also love Hitoribocchi because it’s fun and doesnt sexualize children like so many similar shows do. Ill be avoiding anime for a while, but even with the available titles that are in the safe zone (I know a few more ones!) just because I want to prevent myself from falling back into watching other SoL shows that are happy and sweet and cute but annoy me with the routine sexualization of cute. People should go and watch anime all they want but I’m just so sad the perversion is the standard. Thats what their audience wants so it’s me against millions of Japanese viewers. I dont influence anything.

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They offer quite a lot here though since I guess about a year or two (maybe even less time?). So pleasant to see at least a part of the collection available to a wide audience! Some of the titles are only available as DVDs and some of those DVDs dont even seem fully legal. It can be harsh finding Japanese entertainment outside of Japan

Wow, that’s quite a list! The only one I know is “One Punch Man” :smiley:

I have yet to come across a bilingual podcast that isn’t also specifically for language lessons.

That said, there are quite a few Japanese-only podcasts that use simpler language and slower pace, intended for learners.
‘Nihongo con Teppei’ and ‘Learn Japanese from real talks’ being my two favorite.
When I first started listening to Japanese-only podcasts, I didn’t understand much of anything, but it served as good practice for parsing syllables, then parsing the occasional word, then sentences, and so forth.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. I just looked up a video I saw recently by KemushiChan and she recommends “Hapa Eikaiwa Podcast” as a bilingual one (a rare find, she says). Have yet to check it out but this could help other readers possibly

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Thank you for sharing this great list. I put a ton of the anime on my Crunchyroll queue to watch :slight_smile:

You need to legitimately chill out. It was clearly a mistake.


Sure. I just wish they had managed to get the distribution rights in Japan as well.

#notallanime but I get the frustration. I remember wanting to just find a good cooking anime and a few minutes into the first episode of one there were several panty shots and a girl moaning from eating good food. It made me too uncomfortable to continue :sweat_smile:


Glad to hear! Also looking back, if anyone is sensitive to blood/monster guts/death, retract One Punch Man, Steins Gate, and Sword Art Online. (One punch is gory but in a very comedic sense, steins gate has many bloody scenes, sword art online is lots of fighting… And people die.) Every other show is very tame in comparison.