Educational Youtube Channels in Japanese?

Hi, i’m trying to find youtube channels about science, history, geography, etc. But i can’t find anything good.
Even gadgets/technology review channels, it seem there isn’t anything good. You know, something professional like the ones you can find in english. Like: crashcourse, kurzgesagt, scishow, the great war, pocketnow, etc
I can only find, jokes, video games and food reviews…

I’m trying to improve my listening ability, so am looking for something in that vein, because usually is a single guy explaining something, about a single topic and trying to be as clear as possible.

does anyone know some good channels that focus in a single topic like that?


It’s a little different, but I subscribe to the そんないプロジェクト channels on youtube. Not “videos”, but podcasts. They have like six, with one on science.

The only one I know remotely like the ones we want is the JST Science Channel:

It’s still a great channel! Not exactly like those though. I feel you about this. I’ve never personally come across channels like those Japanese wise (if anyone does know, I’d love to hear) and it’d be pretty cool to watch em. But I honestly they don’t think they really exist in a findable number or at a good quality.

Thanks! It looks somewhat close. The only problem is the lack of visual aid, and the fact that it has more than one person speaking. But they talk slow, so it’s pretty approachable, and the topic is on point. Thks!!

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Thks! yeah, that one was the only one i could find. Finding good listening materials is harder than i expected… even good technology review channels i couldn’t find. i don’t know if the problem is that youtube isn’t the site that japanese use for that, or what…

At this point i’m ok with any content where someone explain something.
anyone knows something like that?

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