For advanced learners

I found a platform where anyone can take courses on various subjects for free. The courses are taught in Japanese, giving us the opportunity to learn very specific vocabulary.


I think I’m not quite there yet but this is an awesome idea, thanks for posting this!

I have not had time for any of my Udemy courses anymore ever since I started studying Japanese. I’m so looking forward to the day when I can just read about things I’m actually interested in but in Japanese. I can already fight my way through novels if I must but not at a level where I have any mental energy left for actually learning something new… and spoken resources are of course even more difficult.

But the day will come and I will think of you and this post when it does. Thank you :slight_smile:


Thats a pretty cool find, however I think if someone wanted to learn something then it would definitely be more useful to learn it in their own language… Not to mention that there are probably many more reputable sources of MOOCs in english. And if its just for the Japanese practice then theres obviously better sources for that too :wink:

Actually if you are interested in using MOOCs to learn, some reputable sites would be edX and Coursera, they are from universities and colleges around the world so more reputable than Udemy!

Sure, I meant coursera. I only said Udemy because that is what I was last using for Japanese and all I can apparently think about these days is learning Japanese… .

I have never learned anything in my native language since the better resources are available in English so I don’t see an issue with studying topics in another language. My free time is limited and since I’m focusing it on learning Japanese these days, I find a site like this to be a reasonable compromise. It’s not like you would get a world class education from yet another Coursera course (look ma, I’m a data scientist now" :roll_eyes:) but it is a nice little way to spend the time.

It looks like I have to sign up for the courses, is there somewhere they post the videos? One of the archived ones say there are face to face and online types you can select, but they say to click on this link that’s only a link to the main page of their website.

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