Do you often get way more reviwes than you usually does? If so, how do you handle it?

Hi everyone, I currently have around 130 things in Apprentice because I always try to have my Lessons to zero, however, I don’t really find it overwhelming as I have a lot of free time right now (summer break) and I try to do WK at least two times in a day (on the morning after waking up and before going to bed) so I never get over 100 reviews unless I skip one of those important sessions, however, this morning I wake up to 165 reviews although I literally did WK at 1 am before going to sleep, in the last days, my morning reviews where between 80 and 40 so that’s a very high difference haha, on top of that I just leveled up this morning as well resulting in 90 new lessons…

So is this something that often happens? I’ve been using WK for nearly two months and it’s the first time I’ve had my reviews pile this high without having skipped reviews. So while 165 is still not insurmountable I’m a bit worried about getting 200 or even higher pile when I’ll have uni again…

Is there by any an add-on or a tool to warn us or to see predictions on the reviews pile? Thanks in advance


If you have a really flexible schedule, I’d recommend a post-lunch WK session as well. It helps a lot with lesson reinforcements as you’re supposed to have a 4 hour gap between a lesson and its first review.

You may also want to space out lessons a little more. They get a bit crazy at the end of a level. I find limiting to 30 or 40 lessons a day helps to make things a little bit more manageable.

With SRS there will always be times where everything aligns and you end up with a huge bunch of reviews. Just remember you don’t have to do them all at once! There’s no penalty for exiting a review session if you wrap up first and finish any half done ones.


After about two months it’s time for your master->enlightened level reviews to start hitting, so this amount of reviews is basically your new normal now. Then 4 months from now your workload will increase again once you start burning items, that will be your workload until level 60:)


If you don’t want to rush through your WK levels, I can recommend not doing your lessons all at once.

Personally, I like to keep my Apprentice items around 50 during the week. No new lessons on weekends (that lowers my pile) and then new lessons every day the next week. Most of the time I’m doing 15-20 new lessons a day. I even have a specific schedule for this. So if I miss the time for my lessons of the day, I won’t do them later because that will mess up my schedule. :sweat_smile:

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I also don’t recommend doing all your lessons at once. If you still want to go “full speed” with WK you can use a reorder script to make sure you keep leveling up as quickly as possible while still being able to spread your lessons more evenly.

The basic strategy to go full speed with reorder script:

  • As soon as you level up, do all radical lessons

  • Over the next 3.5 days try to get your lessons to zero. That should average to about 20 lessons a day containing both vocab and kanji

  • After 3.5days your radicals should guru. At this point you must immediately start learning the newly unlocked kanji that will let you level up.

  • Then over the next 3.5days start the remaining vocab lessons

  • After 3.5days if everything goes well you should have guru’d enough kanji to level up

  • Repeat

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A really simple and straightforward way to handle these kinds of clumps of reviews is to just pick a ‘maximum pace’ at which you’d like to limit how many reviews you are going to do per session (or per day, or per hour, or whatever).

For example, say you only ever want to do 100 reviews per session. Well, in that case, if you ever have, say, 165 reviews in your stack before the session, then just end the session once you’ve completed 100 reviews. That will leave 65 reviews ‘left over’ for future sessions.

The best way to end a session is to use the Wrap Up button when you are 10 reviews away from your maximum limit. For example, once you get to 90 reviews completed, press Wrap Up. Once you start the Wrap Up, it will give you only 10 more items, and you’ll see it count down from 10 down to 1 on the Wrap Up button itself, until they are completed and the session will end gracefully.

Just leave any remaining reviews to carry over to your next session, and continue to limit each session to 100 max reviews (or whatever number you choose). Just keep carrying over the excess reviews from session to session.

Assuming you are not doing a crazy amount of Lessons, adding a crazy amount of new items to your review stack, then eventually (it won’t take long at all!) all the clumped up items will get spread out across your upcoming Review Forecast.

The other, even-less-effort way that clumps get broken up is simply by making occasional mistakes as usual. Even if you always complete every review session immediately each hour the reviews arise, by getting some of them wrong, just naturally by mistake, then any clumps will naturally get ‘worn down’ in size over time. They’ll only stay clumped together if you’re so good that you always get everything right! :nerd_face: But if you want to break up those clumps quicker, just use the Wrap Up feature to limit the number of reviews you do per session to some ‘maximum pace’.