Do you know this Kanji?

I’m not sure if this is Japanese or not but does anyone know what this Kanji is?

The text was literally “It’ll be okay :kiss:

And this is what my car translated it to lol

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… I’m got getting anything at all for that, in Japanese OR Chinese.

I’m wondering if it’s an obscure character which somehow has the same code in a different encoding as the kiss emoji, but I’m at a loss for how to actually search for it. Jisho search-by-radical is coming up blank - no kanji shares both the 韭 radical and the “hand” radical. Even handwriting recognition isn’t working - closest it’s giving me is 韮 or 摏…

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I looked in both my Japanese (Jisho) and Chinese (Pleco) dictionary apps, and found nothing.

Seems to be an early Chinese form of ‘garbage’?


It’ll be ok, garbage


Oh nice, how’d you find that?

(Fairly different hex code to the kiss emoji, though…)

^^^ This guy’s car translates.

Mine just moves forward and turns corners and stuff…


Mine doesn’t even do half of that


Haha I set my phone in Japanese so maybe between that and the cars messaging thing it did that? Not sure. But thank you everyone.

I searched both those dictionaries as well. Maybe she was calling me garbage :rofl:

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Used the Chinese handwriting recognition on my phone to put it into Google. It didn’t come up in any dictionaries but I guess it’s still a recognised hanzi

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