Question about the Winter Sale I was given

So the email says as follows:

Use the code Input Code here on the subscriptions page to get 50% off of any recurring monthly or yearly membership for the next 12 months. The coupon needs to be applied by December 16, 2020, which happens to be the start of our once-per-year Lifetime Sale

my Question is if i do the monthly will it only be 4.50 for one month or for until December 2021 (Which is what it says it’s good until)


Sounds like it will be until December 2021 :slight_smile: But if you want extra confirmation, you could always send them an email, or even an IM through the chat feature.


The 20% coupon I got was for the entire year. So it was -20% for my first year and I could have done that as a 20% off monthly instead for the first year.

Really? You guys are lucky. I had no emails from WK yet. Either about this coupon or about the annual sale. :frowning:

Did you get one earlier? I finally got it.

Nope. I was not worried. I was just curious.

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This is weird. I am having an email chat with WK support and I’m told there is only a 30% discount. After my SMBC VISA card got rejected (which is ironic, since its Japanese) I had to write them and ask if I can pay via paypal (I would have paid by bank transfer but Paypal is the only alternative according to the email support).

I’m trying to buy lifetime and I had 50% in the back of my head so I was quite surprised to encounter a change to 30%.

Is this limited to yearly subscriptions and/or was there a change?

There’s a (aproximately) 30% discount for lifetime subscription which starts on December 16th.

The first post in this thread is talking about a 50% discount on a recurring monthly or yearly membership.


Is it going to be sent out to everyone or randomly? I’d love to get a discount for the recurring membership

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Not sure if the email will go out to everyone (may be dependent on whether you subscribed to or allowed any emails) but the discount will be available to everyone.

I am sure it will be posted on 16 December but if not, feel free to message me and I will send the code along.


Want it 50% last year, though? I had just started Wani Kani then, and wasn’t ready for the commitment…

I am sure it will be posted on 16 December

The coupon needs to be applied by December 16, 2020

No good :frowning:

Thank you very much for the kind offer! I’m not sure how to DM others though :thinking:

I wasn’t sure my level of commitment last year, and ended up sending them an email to ask about a discount (didn’t get one, specifically). They gave me 50% a one year subscription.

Now this year, I’m going to take advantage of the 33% off and go lifetime (as I’m a slowwwww learner). according to my search, last year was also 33% off:
December 18, 2019 to January 8, 2020 and it will be $100 (33%) off.

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And in case anyone cares: I just confirmed with WaniKani yesterday about the situation I (and perhaps others) find myself in.

My yearly subscription renews the day before the lifetime sale, so I’ll be charged $89 then want to spend $199. Any amount of paid time remaining goes towards the lifetime membership pro-rated, so if I purchase the lifetime the next day it’ll be $199 - (364/365 * $89). Basically, no problem to just let it happen and purchase lifetime after.


Not everyone gets the same email or a discount code so it’d be much appreciated if you keep the code for yourself, although I’m sure it’s already too late for that :sweat_smile:


I haven’t shared anything.

My understanding was that when the 16 Dec sale went live, it was just a URL and anyone that hits the link can get the deal?

I have recommended folks message support to ask for any available discounts though. The one I got was 20% off a yearly about 6 months ago, which I then dove tailed into Lifetime when the sale was live temporarily last week. :wink:

I did not share my 20% code as I figure people can beg… er, ask for it themselves. :smiley:


Awesome, thanks!

Same sentiments, I was also suggesting that the Tofugu team would share a code if asked nicely (or bribed with memes)

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