Noob discord?

Is there a discord group for noobs? Just wondering.

No, Wanikani does not have any official discord channel :slight_smile:


There is a Japanese-English language exchange discord, but it’s completely separate from WaniKani. I’d have to warn you that it is fairly large, about 8000 or so members around the time that I joined. It is good for getting all kinds of practice in. You can practice reading, conversation skills, writing, etc. People will correct you too as long as you get the correct_me role when you join. If you’re still interested here’s the link

EDIT: updated with permanent link


I’m a noob to discord. How do you get the correct_me role? And I see some voice channels down below that are locked, do you need permissions to get in there or are those just private rooms?

In the server rules channel all the way at the bottom there’s a message which you can add reactions to which will automatically add roles depending on which reactions you add. There’s more information on it in the channel itself.

Joined thanks!

Okie dokie. Thanks!

Looks like the invite is expried. Can you post another one?

I just updated it with a permanent link


i joined there now, too. seems pretty lively.

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